BREAKING: Delta Governor, Okowa recovers from COVID-19

The Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa has recovered from the deadly COVID-19 Virus.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that Okowa, his wife and daughter all tested positive for the virus a few weeks ago but on Tuesday morning, the Delta politician revealed that they have all test negative for the virus.

“My wife, my daughter and I have tested negative for COVID 19, along with other members of the family. We give God all praise and wish to appreciate all who have interceded for us in prayers.”

“I appeal to all residing in Delta to obey all instructions/ regulations in our collective fight to stop the transmission of the virus. God bless you all…Sen, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa” he wrote.

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  1. Thank God for you, that means that there is a treatment for covid 19, that’s what we want to hear if people who are infected of covid 19 are again please we are begging Nigeria government to open school for our children

  2. I wish to thank the Almighty God for his mercies and compassion on the family of Gov. Okowa and his family for God’s deliverance from covud- 19 attack .

  3. It is a pity to understand that politics have been introduced into the pandemic covid 19 spread and number of affected cases! I feel the pain of those that have been deprived of their daily earn-means, I feel the pain of those that had been laid-off… To worsen matter, the upsurge of food items and other commercial things is skyrocketing daily! Since the government can not provide for her citizens, is it not ideal that the government should regulate the price of commercials itmes, food stuff, etc?

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