BREAKING: IPOB burns down Joe Igbokwe’s house [PHOTO]

Joe Igbokwe, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State has claimed that his house in Nnewi in Anambra State, has been razed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) insurgents.

Igbokwe claimed the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, and he said IPOB members (an outlawed group) are behind it.

“IPOB invaded my house in Nnewi about now. Iam sure they raised down the my house giving the jerrycans of petrol I saw being offloaded from their Sienna car via CCTV. To God be the glory . Iam still alive. My Study is my greatest regret,” Igbokwe wrote on his known Facebook page.

CCTV footage of men allegedly offloading jerrycans containing petrol, according to Igbokwe

Igbokwe has been vocal in his criticism of alleged violence and extremism by IPOB, a group led by Nnamdi Kanu.

Earlier this year, he revealed that Kanu asked his men to behead him anywhere he is found.

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  1. Jerry Igbokwe raise some area boys from Lagos to your country home Nnewi Anambra as the chief gutter cleaner of Lagos, you have many of them to your disposal and fight IPOB if you are certain they are the ones that burnt your house. Election is at the corner and as APC strong man, you should be on ground to mobilsie your party for the election that your party will loose.

  2. Good for Joe Igbokwe the basket mouth. Continue in your falasy of one Nigeria despite the worst leadership we have witnessed in Buhari the tribalist/nepotic.

  3. Indigenous People of Biafra terrorists are on the loose. They need to be tamed. The best Nigerians of Igbo descents are being murdered on daily basis. Economic activities that Igbo land are reputed for are being destroyed on daily basis. Let sanity prevail. These madness must stop. Dr Chike Akinyuli was brutally murdered recently. Professor Charles Soludo escaped being murdered by God’s grace. I now know the reason an Igbo friend that just retired in a Federal Government agency pray that all his children marry from Yoruba tribe. His first daughter already married an Ibadan son.

  4. Many killed as hoodlums burn down SSS, police headquarters in Nnewi

    A police station was burnt too the same day so Is it Ipob ? YOU ARE A MAD MAN

  5. I’d that enough reason why ipod will raze and burn someone house is that the way you fight for freedom which means if given the opportunity to govern they’ll be worst than Buhari

  6. I have always said it that IPOB is a fat mistake. Biafra will be worst than South Sudan if given the succession right. They will kill themselves in a year. Kanu is a business man and fools are toeing his path foolishly and blindly. This is the case of when the blind leading the blind.

  7. Umolo, you guys are daft, must he support what you guys support, does he not have his own freedom to choose for himself, you guys are busy harming yourselves, I wonder why you complain if an outsider does exactly what you guys are doing to yourself. The other day you guys stopped secondary School students from writing WAEC I wonder whom you think is been affected?, Is it not your children or do you think outsider really care what you are doing to yourselves?

  8. I once wrote and advice this Igbokwe man about using his left hand to indicate his father’s house. He has turn himself to enemy of anybody or group who critises or does not support everything thajot is APC. I pity him!

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