BREAKING: “Some People want to destroy me over 2023 Presidency” – Orji Kalu raises Alarm

Former Abia state governor, Orji Uzor Kalu has raised alarm that some people are pursuing him and want to destroy him over his ambition to be President in 2023.

Kalu, in a  recent interview with Arise TV, disclosed that he the same ‘people’ put him in prison for 6 months for doing nothing.

Orji said; “They are Nigerians who want to be President, they are Nigerians who want to set me aside, they are Nigerians who just want to destroy me”.

“There is a lot of Jealousy in the system. A lot of people who think i became very successful at an early age, Why must i have money and have power? is life like that?”

“These People carelessly put me in prison for 6 months for doing nothing. I’m not bitter about it because it’s God’s will and it’s our court system that put me in prison.”

When asked about the N7 billion Fraud case for which he was incarcerated for, Orji stated that he was not guilty adding that he would not like to speak on the matter so as not to be in contempt of court.

“There were 19 witnesses in court of competent Jurisdiction, nobody called my name, nobody mentioned my name, no money traced to me, nothing. I don’t want to talk about this matter, don’t drag me into it, i don’t want any court to come tomorrow and say i have gone in contempt of court.”


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  • Orji Uzor Kalu, stop saying that people are after you, you are the one doing yourself and at the same time destroying yourself.
    You don't have formidable political structure that can makes you get what you are pursuing.

    • Haba, Lasisi!
      How does his not having the formidable political structure to win the office of President of Nigeria expose him to attacks, assuming your claim is true?

      Are your speaking from your head or from your heart?

      I think elementary logic should be applied in expressing public opinions.

      Orji Uzor Kalu has the right like any other free citizen of Nigeria to contest any political office, if he feels competent and prepared to do so.

  • People who cannot explain the source of their wealth like Tinubu, Kalu, Okorocha et al do not need to go close to that office... presidency of Nigeria. The country is already bleeding from so much from maladministraion.

  • Orji my dear brother, why do you want to inherit problem crdated by another people- dip pit, mountain of debt, crisis everywhere, killing, kidnapping, bandittry everywhere hunger in the land? I know your are not a magician. I pity anyone who want to inherit all these wahala. Enjoy your God given wealth biko.

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