Coronavirus: China knocks Ezekwesili over compensation comments

The Chinese government has attacked the former Education Minister in Nigeria, Oby Ezekwesili, over an article demanding compensation from China over the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Press Secretary of the China Embassy in Nigeria, Sun Saixiong, in a statement on Sunday said the former minister lacks knowledge over global issues.

Saixiong questioned the former minister whether the United States offered compensation to countries for the 2009 H1N1 flu. He told Mrs Ezekwesili to avoid being partisan in her opinion but also respect facts.

“Did anyone ask the US to offer compensation for the 2009 H1N1 flu, which was first diagnosed before breaking out on a large scale in the US and then spread to 214 countries and regions, killing nearly 200,000 people? AIDS was first reported in the US in the 1980s and then swept across the world, including Africa, causing untold sufferings to countless victims,” the statement read.

In addition, the Chinese government said it took comprehensive measures to contain Coronavirus spread.

“The international community bears witness to and applauds China’s efforts and progress

“We must understand that our enemy is the virus, not China. The international community can only defeat the virus by pulling together. Attacking and discrediting others will not save time and lives lost,” the statement read.

Before now, Mrs Ezekwesili had served as the vice president for the Africa region at the World Bank.

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  1. You Mr Ambassador is the one that lack knowledge because you can never be educated and well lettered than our beloved sister mother and daughter of our mothers land..Never! that haven’t been said” I will tell you that those other earthly and humanity tragedy that you claimed was caused by the US never caused the whole world lockdown and unmeasurable economical crash even though it badly affected humanity, it’s understandable that you are trying to digress from the heavy damages caused by china in order not to take full responsibility for the damages your Goverment has caused the world and great economical loses, we are africans and as such we shall defend our continent and your Goverment will pay for the financial damages caused by him to our country Nigeria lawfully and legally, period! you can’t continue to destroy our continent without paying for every of your wrong actions because that era is over,

    1. Mrs Oby, we need your reply, Mr ambassador has thrown his own views concerning the global pandemic.

  2. This reply is telling us that Chinese internationally invented coronavirus and sent it to the whole world to show that it has power to distroy the world. Nigeria and the other part of the world deserves to be compensated by China.

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