Dino Melaye raises Alarm on threat to his Life over 5G network


Senator Dino Melaye, former lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial District at the National Assembly, has raised alarm over threat to his life warning him to back off the 5G network issue.

In a tweet via his Twitter page on Sunday, Melaye said he has received two international calls threatening and warning him to back off on the 5G issue.

He said he was told by the last caller that 5G is bigger than Presidents of nations and that he should stop his campaign against it.

The former lawmaker said nobody could kill him and he will continue to speak the truth about the 5G network and its link to coronavirus.

He wrote: “I have received 2 international calls threatening me and warning me to back off the 5G issue. I was told by the last caller that 5G is bigger than Presidents of nations so i should stop. And i told him it is not bigger than God. I am not killable by man.”

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the controversial politician in a series of tweets claimed that the 5G technology is responsible for deaths associated with coronavirus.

According to him, the 5G network is a global economic strategy introduced into the global market purely for economic gain without due regard to human lives.

He urged the federal government and President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately demobilize any 5G network already existing in Nigeria.

Melaye also called on all network providers to stop any 5G network in any part of Nigeria.

He had tweeted, “The real problem is not the coronavirus but the 5G that has been deployed which have some chemical reactions to human cells which eventually manifest as the flu. If this is the problem why is the world not speaking against it? He queried. Why are they still deploying 5G technology all over the globe?

“It is already in Maitama, Abuja and in Ikeja, Lagos. These are the two places where they have deployed the technology apparatus in Nigeria, I use this opportunity to call on the federal government and indeed the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, to immediately call the attention of the minister of science and technology, that we must demobilize any 5G network already existing in Nigeria.

“We have seen videos of animals, plants dying as a result of the harmful biological effect on humans and living organisms.

“5G is evil, it is a killer technology, it is helping to mobilize flu that comes in form of coronavirus and it is helping to kill the immune system, those with weaker immune systems, those with underlying medical conditions, they are easily consumed by the reaction of this 5G and they die. We can stop this killing if we can stop the demobilization of this 5G technology.”

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  1. If that is the case for the sake of our lives we are pleading with the perpetrators of this 5G to stop our 3&4G is OK for Nigerians.
    But who will be led after this have whipped away humanity.. I think this is irrelevant

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