2023: Buhari agreed to support Tinubu to become President but… – Galadima opens up


A Former Spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic party, PDP, Alhaji Buba Galadima has said that President Muhammadu Buhari agreed to support Bola Ahmed Tinubu to become President after his tenure in office.

Galadima in a recent interview with Punch, disclosed that prior to the 2015 elections, Tinubu has an understanding with Buhari that should he (Buhari) become president with Tinubu’s help he would do all within his power to make sure that Tinubu becomes the country’s leader after his time in office.

He said; “There was an understanding because Tinubu with one other person and the President also with another person sat down and the information we got was that they agreed that if Tinubu would help Buhari win, he would become the Vice-President. When that was not possible, they called him to ask him to assist because of the exigencies of the time, which wouldn’t have allowed for a Muslim-Muslim ticket.”

“They said that whatever he does, he should deploy and make sure that Buhari becomes President and that when he (Buhari) is going, he would also do whatever he would in his powers to assist Tinubu to become President. It looks like they are now going back on that understanding. And a promise is a promise whether written or unwritten because if you can subvert it, God knows your heart. And God never accepts betrayal. When you are committed, whether it is sour or bitter, or tasty, you have to swallow it.”

“Now, it looks like they want to go back on that understanding with Tinubu. This is why Tinubu is bitter and I understand this bitterness, because of what has happened to him, which I told him years back.”

He added that he warned Tinubu that he would be betrayed. He also added that he prays the lagos politician comes out of this situation alive and unscathed.

“But for him, it looks like he has already been subverted. The only way he can get his momentum is if the party agrees to do primaries. If the party agrees to go to the primaries.”

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