2023 Election: Wike breaks silence on ‘working against’ Peter Obi

Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has described as untrue accusation raised against him in sections of the social media that he worked against Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 25 election.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Governor Wike spoke on Thursday when he hosted the National Executive Committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide at the Government House in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Obi, 61, is a former governor of Anambra State, and Igbo’s frontline presidential candidate in years.

The Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) had last week said Wike was instrumental to the victory of its candidate, Bola Tinubu in Rivers State.

Rivers, a South-South state, was projected by some political analysts to be won by Obi, under a free, fair and credible circumstance. But there were allegations of voters’ suppression, especially from the camp of the Labour Party and Wike’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Wike is upset with the PDP.

“I supported that power must come to the south. When Obi came here, I gave him all the logistics; vehicles, other supports and paid for the stadium, but some other persons applied and I refused. You should know me too well by now,” Wike said.

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  1. Wike is a noisy imbecile..
    He will continue to make noise till he talks himself into jail..
    He’s stealing Rivers state money in style, pretending to be building overhead bridges for them.
    If only God can open your eyes to see what Wike is doing to Rivers state, hell will let loose…

  2. Hello ! Folks, it’s time to talk fact/reality to our senses, to be precised we Nigerians should try to be ”Good Losers not bad Loosers”, in this life everything is a game, Sometimes u Win, Sometimes u loose, base on outcome of Presidential Elections, other Contestants should accept their losses, in good faith, they should be ”Good Loosers” they should go back to drawing board and set their ”Errors/Mistakes” right, they should not be ”Bad Loosers”, who always find ways of shifting d ”Blames/Errors/Mistakes” on something/someone, after all we humans have flesh, it’s only Almighty God that ‘s ”Perfect/Complete” he ‘s all knowing

    1. Wetin be your point gan gan? Where the story wey we come here to read??? Wetin concern this talk and the caption wey we come here to read??? Some people deserve beating

    2. I disagree with you. If OBI has lost the election in a free and credible manners, he would have accepted the outcome immediately and congratulate TINUBU but the case is different he OBI won the election and it was up turn in favour of another candidate and you expect him to accept the outcome, NO. WIKE knew very well that OBI won in Rivers and he changed all the results

    3. You are very correct casting blame on humans that is not the way forward for future politicing amend all errors/mistake

    4. My dear if u want to be called Excellency, u must pass thru excellent and not from manipulation and rigging.. it’s very obvious that we africa are still under sentimental playing for our future generations
      Let’s credibility speaks for itself

    5. Your post would’ve made sense if the elections were allowed to be free, fair, credible and deviod of manipulations, voter intimidation and brazen display of crudity by the APC. They underrated the resolve of Nigerians to recreat a new Nigeria using the instrumentality of this particular election. You are a Nigerian, so guage the pulse of the nation and you’ll realise that majority of people across ethnic, religious and political divide are not happy with yhe trend. The only option open now to Nigerians is to que behind those who claim to have won the election to reclaim the visibly stolen mandate. Besides, if this is allowed to go the way you proposed, it will become an entrenched phenominon in our political culture for politicians , particularly the srong ones to mussle the choice of majority to their personal advantage. My brother, if you’re not tired of the rot in our system, majority of us are tired and needs a change and the time is now, so you see the concept or philosophy of been a good looser does not apply in this case. Do have a nice weekend.

    6. For what you have said may the devil always provide those who will deliberately manipulate you and your family from their success in life. May this you have wished Obi happen to you and your generation yet unborn. Amen.

    7. So they should be good loosers after been rigged Abi? I want to ask you will you have been a good looser if it was you that it happened to?

    8. I sincerely disagree with u sir, this ur statements can only be accepted on a plain grand, i mean if the lay down rules is been follow yes it ok, but in an election where there is a rules and guidelines an a contestant deliberately cut corner? This issue should not be talking lightly. Thanks

    9. I pray may you never fight back to reclaim you property when it’s being taken away from you illegally

    10. What exactly arebyoi saying because your so called Nigeria has never but en a good news so why say something we have been doing for years and now trying yo find another good means and you take a joke for seriousness

    11. So what are you trying to say now? Are you trying to say Obi looses the election so he should accept it? If that’s what you are trying to explain here then you don’t know the difference between winning and loosing, winning or stealing, let them inec do the right thing please

    12. It is not about being good losers or bad losers here. Nigerians are losing and we must not loose. It is obvious we can’t continue like this. If foundation is destroyed what will the righteous do? You cannot build something on nothing. With unified effort we must all join hands to salvage this country or we will continue to be a laughing stock in the eye of serious nations. Our unborn generation will not forgive us if we fail to act now. Enough of impunity!Enough!

    13. That’s your cup of coffee because you seems to be favoured with Tinubu as the president, enjoy it while it last.

    14. That’s your opinion!!
      But you cannot build something on nothing!!

      When the foundation is faulty, even the righteous can do nothing.

      People’s psyche has been so battered to accept errors instead of the courage to challenge what’s not right.

      This level of rigging is too glaring!!
      You don’t mess with Tech

    15. This is not the time to preach that unless u are comfortable wt the state of this country if we fail to stand they will continue to think we’re fools and it has to stop if not our children children will b disappointed in us

    16. I totally object your school of thought, perhaps leadership is fundamentally wrong it’s not leadership.
      A looser should beyond a resealable doubt see himself at fault, not the one at hand.
      In fact, I consider you coward if you refused to confront the unjust.
      No one is accepting defeat here, cause Nigerian weren’t defeated.
      Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to his belief.
      We all will know the impact of unjust when directly we’re affected.

    17. Thank you Lateef. Sadly the “IN A RUSH” to be President of Nigeria PO according to Atiku is sadly not magnanimous in defeat. He need to not be in a rush next time and replan on winning outside the churches and also most importantly in the NORTH.

    18. That’s not the point we are talking about. Accepting deafect or win in a clear contest is different from fraudulent robbery and this most disgraceful election Nigeria ever has

    19. You don’t need any response. You are biased already. Your name says it all. If you steals something and because the police says it belongs to you just because you know someone at the top does not mean that you are not a theif. You now tell the owner to go and plan next time to protect his property.

    20. Rubbish,from enemies of Nigeria well hunger don’t have tribe and religion, allow PETER OBI to pursue his mandate legally

    21. So if the election was rigged the loser should still take heart or what are you talking about or can’t you see that the election was rigged even before the election took place

    22. I believe these are the kind of messages that brought us to exactly where we are today in this country

    23. you got everything wrong because Election is not a game, here you have an electoral college and should be free and fair which means that the umpire should be neutral knowing that every contestant have right to see how he scores like examination script.
      so if you say that I fall, I should be free to look through the sensitive materials to convince myself that i failed. so forget about bad or good losers it doesn’t exist even in heaven.
      what makes accept his fate is he has proof that be failed not because one said soy

    24. Your words are real.but fact been told.
      They were irregularities in this election. But God knows the best.

    25. The God you referred to is not one of injustice! You should be talking about accepting a loss or win in a free, fair and credible process. If the process was transparent there won’t be public and general outcry! Even the INEC’s choice and proclaimed winner knows he did not win; a “victory” that came with an atmosphere of gloom and despondency across the land, rather than joy and merry. I guess you are naive with little experience of life

    26. Oga that’s not the point. This has got nothing to do with good or bad loser. A candidate that is not satisfied with a process of an election where he lost has the right to seek redress from the court of law. It will be foolish of him to accept being defeated when in the actual fact he was not. Can you accept a university degree result you know fully well that’s not yours?

  3. So because I am supposed to be a good looser, if a thief breaks into my apartment and steals what belongs to me, I should give him money to hire a truck to carry my property away? I don’t understand the way some of Nigerians reason.

  4. Obi Peter is the real president elect but this country is too complicated of corruption,so I in person Nigeria should dicarel obi as president elect

  5. Governor wike is a serial betrayer who can betray his mother because of power , there is no difference between Tambuwal and wike , Atiku …no one should trust them anymore,.. now is a time for payback

  6. Aboki,who is the good looser and bad looser.
    Would you rather talk about transparency,corruption and deceit.

  7. You northerners have started it again when it will start to play your people will suffer it most .we need to learn something from the past, I don’t know whether you people like hardship, begging and assault.
    I believe this is the right time for us the the northerners, Igbos and yorubas should have one voice for the betterment of our country let’s forget about tribe and religion let’s think
    about our future.politics is a business, just as the Igbos said ‘there is no brother in business’ instead of your brother to drag your business down you better fix him in different business so that your business will progress. So let’s keep drop all this grandfather’s in politics because they have never done anything good for our country, let’s try this new face of politicians and see what they can offer and if we can achieve this now believe me if they mess up in 4yrs coming it will be easier to chase them away than this grandfather’s in politics

  8. Nice point. However, can you accept to be a good looser in a process devoid of credibility, integrity and transperacy?? If you accept loosing then obviously you are a bad looser. I think we should look at having a better electioneering process than urging people to accept losses and be good loosers. You speak based on your interest I believe

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