2023: Fani-Kayode issues warning over Peter Obi’s alleged drug deals


As the 2023 election approaches, a spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, on Sunday said that the ‘Obidients’ – the nickname of supporters of Peter Obi , the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, are “very dangerous people with an insidious fascistic agenda”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Fani-Kayode said Obi, a former governor of Anambra State, “cannot be trusted with power”.

“Obidients have accused leaders of their own party of being involved in forgery. Obidients have expelled the DG of their own PCC due to allegations of fraud and misappropriation of funds. Obidients have treated most of their leaders that are not from the East with contempt.

“Obidient presidential candidate Peter Obi is embroiled in allegations of drug deals in Malaysia and secret bank accounts in Panama.

“Obidient V.P. candidate, Dati ‘Mauritania’ Ahmed is a murderous, sociopathic, homophobic & homicidal maniac who wants all homosexuals & members of the LGBC to be killed, who is more ignorant than a goat, who is a holocaust denier & whose Nigerian nationality is questionable.

“Obidients are fascistic thugs who constantly threaten the lives of those that oppose their views and candidate, who have threatened to rape and maim female members of the APC PCC for supporting @officialABAT and who are intolerant of opposition and criticism.

“Conclusion: The Obidients are very dangerous people with an insidious fascistic agenda: they cannot be trusted with power,” Fani-Kayode wrote on his verified Twitter handle.


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  1. Fani is at it again. No amount of blackmail can stop the moving train. ‘Obidients’ are Nigerians like all other Nigerians and are spread all over the country. In 2023, Fani-Kayode will not have a platform to go where it is marked “Food is Ready”.

  2. Mr. Fani, if u want to talk about someone kindly talk with facts and figures.Do u see how u just fool yourself in public? As the news came, everybody were rushing to read the details but to see nothing. Please ur barbaric tenure is over go and look for better thing to do.

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