2023: ”He broke down” – Ex-lawmaker reveals why Tinubu couldn’t attend Lagos project commissioning

Dino Melaye, a former senator who was a member of the 8th Nigerian National Assembly, on Tuesday said Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) could not attend the “all-important” commissioning of the Lekki Deep Sea Port in Lagos because “he broke down” after the Bauchi rally.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that President Muhammadu Buhari; Kashim Shettima, Tinubu’s running mate; and other chieftains of the ruling party, flew from Bauchi State to Lagos on Monday afternoon, with the president commissioning of Lekki Deep Sea Port, in Lagos.

A state banquet was also held after the project commission.

“Tinubu couldn’t attend the all-important commissioning in Lagos because he broke down after the failed Bauchi rally.

“His Chinese doctors are working on him as usual for revival. May God save Nigeria and Nigerians from this calamity. Amen,” Melaye wrote on his known Twitter handle.

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  1. Even children in d womb knows that Tinubu is not strong enough to be president now if 10/15 years ago one may try to considee him.The North want to vote for Tinubu not because they love him but because of Shetima( Boko haram founder) Yoruba my tribe are learned but some times they are die loyalist,even they can support satan if they can get food from him why cant they support Yemi Osibajo?? because of no money for bribery? By d time u forced Tinubu like Buhari on Nigeria our eyes will clear as we begin to run healter scatter for solution,d buhari 8 years problems is not enough ? Only d dead will vote Apc / pdp

    1. May God forgive you and your generation is tinubu not created by the same God that created u has power and wealth ever done any man if u are in his position brother u will even ask for me so pls don’t condemn him u are not God if God is for him he will win except God says no so be quiet useless Yoruba man

  2. This Dino might even die before Tinubu.
    Life and death is in the mouth.
    Continue using your mouth foolishly because of elections.

    1. But aside politics what is Tinubu looking for? He’s not capable..Look at his Performances and Age..If U Have a Company, can you employ Tinubu as a Worker?

    2. Death is inevitable, only God can decide the fate of every person. So pray for them if you can, if not keep mute.

    3. How has he used it foolishly, oh bcuz he has said the truth? don’t get it twisted, am an Obidient nigerian!

      1. to be frankly peaking baba tinubu is old now. that is why d who so call some hause people bring shitima to be his vis. let me tell you something had been that tinubu is a young man. hause man we not vote for him. d reason why their supporting. in case if baba be come president. because they know that baba is fiscally strong. if anything happen to him d d criminal we take over

    4. Why are you talking in this form, why people have short memory like you, go memory lane when Tinubu was castigating Late Mr Aneni the then BOT chairman of PDP because of the man’s health, what did you say, nothing, may be you were not born then, the cup you used to measure for people will equally will be used against you period.

  3. For real Mr Tinubu is too frail to attend this type of events. This goes to confirm what hajia was saying. You can see it you can feel it for now tinubu is too weak even to meet up with campaign requirements. Please the wife should take good care of her man

    1. I can see how tribes have blinded many of us, our response here is base on tribe,check the name then the comments.Tribalism is a cancerworm.

  4. This Dino is the most useless human being I ever seen in my entire life, his Bingo Dingo presidential candidate is under intensive care of German hospital yet he is here saying trash about Asiwaju.

    Omo ale

  5. Please let me this Man a question, tinubu break down, is he a motorcycle, Chinese doctor is working on him, know he is made in China

  6. Tinubu is not feat for the job for now
    Pls Nigeria let’s count our teeth wit our tongue
    We have suffered for to long,let’s forget abt tribe nd religion sentiments nd let’s do the right things

  7. Dino melaye is absolutely confused ,he is just lambasting against Tinubu , whether he attend the commissioning of lekki deep sea port or Not; he still stand as the flag bearer of APC.
    Everyone is capable to fall ill , that should not be a yardstick for Dino to lambast against him .

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