2023: ’He doesn’t know his classmates’ – Obi fires Tinubu

As the 2023 election inches closer, Peter Obi, the presidential flag-bearer of the Labour Party, on Thursday aimed a subtle dig at Bola Tinubu, candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), saying unlike the former Lagos State governor, his educational background is traceable and verifiable.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Obi was in Rivers State where he commissioned the Nkpolu-Oroworukwo flyover in Port Harcourt.

The administration of Nyesom Wike constructed Nkpolu-Oroworukwo flyover in Port Harcourt.

“I assure you, next year’s election will be based on capacity, ability to deliver. You see what Wike is saying now. He is doing this job because he has the mental energy and physical energy. It is not retirement [sic] home.

“I assure you of our commitment to a better Nigeria. We will continue to work with the good people of Rivers State. Take me as one of yours. Take me as one of you. I belong to you.

“Myself and my running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed get A [sic]. And that is why we want people to follow us. Everybody knows our age, they know where we are born, they know where we live, they know the school we attended, we have classmates.

“I was talking to somebody about former governor Peter Odili. I said Governor Odili was my senior boy while in secondary school. Some people, nobody has seen people who went to school with them.

“So we must change this, that is what we are saying,” Obi said.

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  1. Look at clueless man already drowning. the only i don’t like you is that is that you a pretender. all the morons that are following already knew you will not win. you keep making empty promises you cannot fulfil. we want you to tell us what you have done when you were Governor of Anambra state. Nigeria is not a private Enterprises that gullible like you can manage. tell all your stupid supporter. if they are 10, 000, i will respond to each of them one by one all those stories i have 2 shoes and one cloth is for gullible like you.

    1. Smile, see who is defending a sick old man trying to scare through ASO rock by all means, God almighty will not allow him to get there,tell ur principal dat aso rock is not a retired old criminals. . obidient forever

    2. When drug dealer said that they will labour in vain you didn’t say anything. This is the first jab from Obi and agbados are crying already. Wait until politics itself starts.

    3. Tinubu is a walking scam. He can only scam Lagos not Nigeria. It will interest you to know that even Buhari is not with Tinubu, is all games. Come 2023, Nigeria will scam the scammer

    4. Pls, Na who be this shit? APC government of poverty manufacturers, compared to N6,000 for a bag of foreign rice, when they came to mismanage Nigeria. A Muslim just ruled for 8 years, with killings EVERYWHERE, Boko Haram became stronger, herdsmen taking over .. Infact,may heaven fall on all APC madness camp

    5. Please try to take my advice, tell your principal Tinubu that Aso villa is not Lagos State where he is the king and uses it as his family business, which he can use pim pom, pim pom to control, let me tell u, Tinubu is trying to retire in Aso villa but tell him that there is vacancy in the villa, he should look for his real town to retire, meanwhile if u are expecting him to win this election, you lied.

    6. The only reason you are saying this is because you’re a tribalist. Yorubaman can lick plates and slave themselves just to be president of Nigerian. Tinubu that is drug dealer, who shit and urinate for clothe in public, a man that forgot his party Name. Imagine all the intellectuals in Yoruba land, na tinubu una offer Nigeria.
      Continue to suffer, for Igboman we’re traders, we sell according to how we buy, Apart from Lagos which other Yoruba States is develop. Even the Lagos is developed by Igbos. How many yorubas live in banana island.Cry small so that you can continue tomorrow.
      Nobody can tame an igboman. We’re Egalitarians by origin. So get all this message to your little skull.

      1. It is pathetic when u say igbo develop lagos,…it is more shameful of you to make such statement …before igboes came to lagos with their poli bags ..was there any state dat was more develop than lagos …r u not aware than before 1914 lagos was a colony ..Lagos was like a country in its own …if igbos were the ones that develoo lagos come the same igbos cant develop their own state …igbos,are just like APGA part they cant improve their own but find it easy to jump in others people train to claim ownership …

        have u forgotten how igbos first came to lagos and were counting bridges ..n story building ..

        pls rest dnt mention it again that igbo nade Lagos make the Gods no strike u

    7. My dear, you are a big time fool. Simply put. you are myopic and altogether senseless. you are blind too. As a result u can’t see thru the choice of others. We don’t need your gibberish

    8. You person put this country into this mess,you have started again,God will not allow such evil to be fall this country again.
      See as your principal de fall fall,tufiakwa.

    9. Mr man physical blindness is treatable or manageable, but mental and spiritual blindness is a tedious problem. The comatose state of the giant of Africa-Nigeria, if is not touching you, that means you are not alive. Check yourself very well, a blessed country like Nigeria is at this condition and is not touching you. Amongst the top three aspirants, check who don’t have one criminal record or the other either nationally or internationally. Remember, there is quid pro quo for every quixotic.

    10. You are a bastard animal,Obi has been the most intelligent governor ever your useless sick and mannerless Jagaban has nothing to offer Nigerians he will slump and die one day animal

    11. As e dey sweet us, e dey pain Tunde Adebamboo, and as e dey pain them Omo e dey sweet us. Tribal bigots are afraid of Igbo man, Peter Obi becoming President. We know you insulted former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan before now and today you are facing Peter Obi. Morons hailing ex drug bagman riddled with Parkinson disease seeking for president, No way!!!

    12. Tunde Adebambo, you re just a cheap product that has been bought at a very cheap ridiculous price. That’s why you open your mouth all the time to vomit rubbish and call them words. On behalf of everyone that knows you, am ashamed of you.

  2. Mr Extremist Adebambo, we don hear.

    So even if your tribal godfather urinates live on stage due to being 87years old, you’ll still vote for him bcs “Yoruba must vote only Yoruba”?
    Yet Igbos voted OBJ massively(52%) against Ojukwu(~23%) in 2003 elections.

    It shall never be well with those who reward evil for good…

    1. Never you mention it again that you voted for OBJ – OBJ was never Yorubas choice in 1999 but Olu Falae, your vote for OBJ wasn’t act of love to Yoruba but hatred.

    1. Igbos want Biafra through the 2023 ballot. Your desperation is open to Nigerians. A dead Tinubu is better than the most living Igbo man in Aso Rock. Obi can never win.

  3. Ur the clueless man here cos ur blind and illiterate like tinubu who doesn’t even speak good English thats why his avoiding debate . His after stealing and worsening Nigeria. And ur too blind to see that. Vote for him and suffer with ur family even ur generation.

  4. The grammatical construction and especially use of tenses by Adebambo showcases his level of education. Their idea of politics does not transcend their ethnicity. He is not a rational being. When such get access to an android phone,they assume they are adroit sophisticated persons.if he is smart,he should look at things being said against his preferred candidate and counter them.

  5. Let’s try Peter Obi, I have confidence in Him,I have watched Him closely, I think He is different, He can out Nigeria on the right part,a lot of evil people are hanging on Tinubu for positions in His government, they are all going there to steal ni,they are there with Atiku too,we need a proper change,a total change even in mindsets. Omo na Obidient I be o.

  6. I can confidently vote for Tinubu’s son. But to vote for an elderly man that I know that I know that he cannot coordinate things due his health status, even to remember his party name is a problem is what I cannot do. For the man to forget his party name, he can also forget the of the country he is ruling. He is an elder state man, he is suppose to be in the baground of Nigerian politics, just to give advice when ever he comes back from his normal medical trip.

  7. Hmmmm, this is getting increasingly better. Apc and pdp are dead and buried ⚰. If you like defend the indefensible. Na your children life with your generation you dey take play. This time around, whether you like it or not. We Nigerians are ObiDiently ObiDient. Shikena!

  8. Do u guys here have to call pple names before u make your point? Is it only igbo people that are supporting obi? Don’t de-market obi by turning his campaign into an igbo affair and stop name calling but put up superior argument to show that your candidate is better.

  9. I have been Mr Obi sympathizer all this while, but really Mr. Obi isn’t smart at all…not the way most Obidients think of him… Nigeria deserve a better and vibrant president abeg

  10. Even if the man sick, I must vote for him bicos na my town man so that this our country go spoil very well. Make una cry.
    Second base boo.

  11. Piter Obi is like your Agbolo mentor in person of tinibu ok because the way you sounded has proved whom you’re

  12. You’re really a big fool without brains if not you should know your old foolish aspirant doesn’t fit what he’s aiming imagine a person who doesn’t know how to call his party’s name and you still think that person can wake this present Nigeria let your brain work for you Mr ok and don’t come up here tweeting rubbish suffer no dy tire you Mr go to anambra and check the records ok and stop those rubbish ignorant tweets nonsense

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