2023: “PDP can only ignore Peter Obi at its own peril” – Olisa Metuh

Former National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olisa Metuh, who is a chieftain of the party in Anambra State, on Thursday, said a presidential aspirant, Peter Obi, ‘is not just a social media favourite, but indeed a phenomenon’.

POLITICS NIGERIA had reported that Obi dumped the PDP few days to its presidential primary election in respect of the 2023 polls.

Metuh, who was tried and jailed for money laundering, posited that Obi’s resignation “will cost the PDP so much goodwill”.

“A lot of people have opined that Peter Obi is just a Facebook fad and that he has buried his political future by leaving our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party. I have a short story to tell them,” Metuh said via a Facebook post.

“Sometime in 2001, Mr Peter Obi romanced with the Anambra West People’s Forum (APF), then a big force within the Anambra PDP.

“In one of the meetings in Ikoyi Hotel hosted by Sir Emeka Offor, Peter was not allowed to talk and the bulk of the politicians actually made fun of him then. Peter left the PDP and subsequently joined APGA where he sold himself directly to the people. The rest is history.

“Today, the new electoral act has afforded Peter Obi the opportunity to campaign for almost 9 months. He is not just a social media fave, he is actually an electoral machine and indeed a phenomenon. PDP can only ignore him at its own peril.

“I kept the faith even with the apparent neglect and non-challance with my ordeal and travail. I refused to be intimidated and cowed, I rejected the overtures and ever ready to face all and every persecution thrown my way, but this is rather too much me.

“How can the elders and leaders pretend not to know the extent of the damage being done to our party, my beloved PDP.

“Inevitably, Peter’s resignation will cost PDP so much goodwill. I hope there is a plan B or a Marshall plan?”

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