2023: PDP reps candidate escapes assassination attempt

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State on Saturday raised an alarm over attempts to assassinate a member of the House of Representatives representing Ohaji-Egbema, Oguta and Oru West federal constituency, Uju Kingsley Chima.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Chima is also the PDP candidate for the constituency in today’s elections.

A statement by the Publicity Secretary of PDP in Imo State, Collins Opurozor, said the PDP Reps candidate escaped assassination twice this week, including on Friday night.

“Our party alerts Nigerians that in the last three days, our candidate has escaped by a whisker, two very brutal onslaughts targeted at his life,” the statement said.

“Just as he was wrapping up his campaigns at Umuapu in Ohaji-Egbema, three days ago, these state-sanctioned terrorists stormed the arena and unleashed mayhem on our candidate, not only sparing our party members and other innocent citizens of Imo State.

“Around 10 pm last night, the country home of our candidate at Umuorji in Egbema was invaded by truckloads of armed men who came in vehicles that included armoured personnel carriers. They took over his residence, cordoned off the entire area, and searched desperately for our candidate to murder. When they couldn’t get him assassinated, they visited unimaginable terror on everyone and everything in sight. They abducted his family members and political supporters and tortured even aged men and women to a pulp.

“Till this moment, the attacks are yet to abate, as an armoured tank is still stationed in front of his residence and the terrorists are still operating unhindered. This is happening in Imo state on election day!

“Despite the hues and cries that have been sent out by our party and our candidate since these attacks began, no security agency in the state has deemed it fit to take action and save lives and property at Umuorji, Egbema. This questions the neutrality and impartiality of the security establishment in Imo State.

“Our party notes that the last plot to gruesomely eliminate Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima was hatched immediately after the efforts by the bestial and rampaging Imo APC regime to frame him over some very dangerous criminal acts hit the rocks.”

The statement added: “In the aftermath of last night’s failed assassination attempt, it is curious that the propaganda arm of the Imo State government has been activated to peddle a very shameful tale, that our candidate was arrested by EFCC, DSS and the Police. This has, therefore, nailed the APC-led regime in Imo and established their full involvement in the attack.

“It is regrettably that governance in Imo has been reduced to a rogue enterprise. Treasury looting, bloodletting, arson, brigandage, forced disappearances and gangsterism have become key policies of the state under this unelected regime.

“Our party calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into this matter.”

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  1. Supreme court governor,alais bleaching governor,onyeoshi vote is at it again. His effort to eleimnate Ikenga Ugochinyere failed hence he is now focusing on other PDP aspirants.

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