2023 presidency: See only condition Jonathan gave to join APC


Former President, Goodluck Jonathan would only be joining the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) if he is endorsed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Punch, only President Buhari’s endorsement will make Jonathan throw his hat into the ring in respect of the 2023 election.

POLITICS NIGERIA had earlier reported how the 2023 campaign posters of the ex-Nigerian leader flooded the national secretariat of the APC in Abuja.

The posters with a big picture of the former President in his South-South attire and a bowler-hat with the inscription” Goodluck Jonathan You Must Run” are occupying a conspicuous position on the wall of the party secretariat.

This newspaper also reported that a group, Nigerian Young Professionals in Diaspora told Jonathan to declare for 2023 presidency without delay. The group gave Jonathan, presently a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a one-week ultimatum, vowing to sue him if he fails to heed their call.

When some demonstrators stormed his private office in Abuja yesterday, he said he cannot say yet if he will be contesting in the 2023 presidential election or not.

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  1. Ok, the disgraced from office fellow has no mind of his own. Needed a push or prop, by which record? I want to assume by same fate that befall over 300 girls kidnapped under his disgusting incompetence watch.

  2. The former President Goodluck Jonathan should be content with the honour God has bestowed upon him and all the accolades he received everywhere around the world as true Democrat, he shouldn’t listen to the ignorants and praise singers who are pushing him to declare for the office of the President in the coming election, he should respect his position of honor and dignity, Jonathan should rather encourage the young people and play the role of Father adviser to the younger generation of politicians.
    I wonder why those our grand parents are still parading and recycling themselves and posing a barrier to the young people through the unafordable nomination form that was meant to encourage robbery and corruption.
    The former President if allowed to be push into the race may end up wasting his money time and resources for mission impossible.
    Oga Jona! Oga Jona!! Oga Jona!!!, how many time do I call you? Please remain in your position of global honor, don’t go back there to stain yourself, God has already clad you with honour, my humble advice. Let me remind you that if you go back and things remain as it is, or get worse, the whole nation will never remember any little good you have done, all the blames would be heap upon your head, mind my words if you care to heed warning.

  3. Buhari will endorsed you as he did to Kalu, Tinubu, Osibajo, Ameachi & Co, but mind you Jonathan you are in your own as Buhari endorsement can never the APC ticket for you rather it will only rubbish and tarnish your already battered image.
    That is politics for you. Majority of the APC stakeholders will never give you chance to come back through their party, that is just the bitter truth. They will do everything to frustrate you. So don’t be deceived Jonathan

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