2023: Real reason Obi ditched Atiku for Labour Party – Presidential aspirant

As the 2023 election gathers steam, a United States of America-based singer and nurse, Joseph Faduri, popularly known as Fadojoe, has said that Peter Obi, presidential flag-bearer of the Labour Party joined the party after discovering he could not outspend former vice president Atiku Abubakar in the presidential primary election of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Faduri, a contestant for the presidential ticket of the Labour Party, said this recently in a Twitter space monitored by POLITICS NIGERIA.

“We came together and we agreed to disagree but we had one focus, which was that we were going to have a new Nigeria void of corruption, void of poverty and void of everything that had been wrong with our country in the past years.

“So, along the line, we woke the Labour Party up and started pumping money into every aspect of the Labour Party, left, right and centre.

“In every state and every part of the country, we were on national TV, in national newspaper publications and campaigning with flyers and billboards.

“We were doing all of this, spending millions of naira and visiting royal fathers from the north to the south.

“It was just four days before the primary election when Peter Obi dumped the PDP and saw a viable party that he could come and hijack.

“I’m so disappointed today by so many people who are shouting ‘Obi no dey give shishi’ because I know how much Obi brought to the Labour Party. He could not outspend Atiku in the PDP and he came to the party to outspend me,” Faduri said.

Obi exited the PDP less than three days before its presidential primary election which was held in May. A few days later, he joined the Labour Party. The 61-year-old is considered one of the frontline presidential candidates in respect of the 2023 election.

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