2023: The rest of the world has given up on Nigeria – Baba-Ahmed

As the 2023 election approaches, the National Director of Publicity and Advocacy of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, on Wednesday said the rest of the world has “virtually given up on Nigeria”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that writing in his weekly column on Vanguard, Baba-Ahmed said Nigeria needs to have elections that are “substantially uncontested by the streets”.

“We have never had an election in which we are more on our own to make or mar than the 2023 elections. The rest of the world has virtually given up on us,” Baba-Ahmed said.

He added: “The country has already been wrecked by the outgoing administration of President Buhari. There is not much left to wreck. The best elections will not assure people primed to resist the results.

“The elections are unlikely to be the best. Voting is scheduled for February 2023, but the elections have started.

“INEC is being burnt down in many areas with greater impunity.

“Agents are buying up huge quantities of PVCs across the land, presumably with the goal of voter suppression, as well more sinister motives.

“Endemic insecurity is likely to keep large numbers of voters away from polling stations, but results will be written and submitted.

“Many supporters are being prepared to insist that their candidates will only lose rigged elections.”

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  1. you are saying the truth. If I were those desperate elements, they better find another job to do now than to rig 2023. cos if
    they insist in ruling at all cost in this country now as it is. Nigeria might witness something more than the end SARs. NOW, a plate of food is N1500, bag of rice is N55000, Deiseal 820, driving to work now has to be with Black market of fuel @2500 per 5 liters. Cooking gas is 10,500 etc And APC wants to continue ruling this country. Let them step down for now let us try others PLS. We can not continue this way.

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