2023: Tinubu speaks on North ‘betraying’ him

Festus Keyamo, the official spokesperson for Bola Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) 2023 Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), has said it is “an insult” for the main opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to expect the ruling party’s Northern leaders to betray his principal.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Keyamo, also the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, said the forthcoming 2023 elections will prove decisively that the North has tremendous passion for the unity and cohesion of Nigeria. He expressed his confidence that the APC governors are fully behind Tinubu.

“It is even an insult for Atiku Abubakar’s men to suggest that @officialABAT will be betrayed by the APC Northern leaders.

“Since betrayal runs in their veins, they think it’s the norm for everyone to behave like their Principal. February 25th will teach them what honour and integrity means,” Keyamo wrote on his verified Twitter handle on Sunday.

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  1. It is an insult to the unity and cohesion of Nigeria to even been talking about North candidate in this equation of who becomes the next president of Nigeria.
    For equityand ffairness sake, the north should support either Peter Obi or Bola Ahmed Tinubu injustice league brnfs war and cry for sessesion. Born to rule mentally won’t help this country.

    1. We need competent leader not Igbo, Yoruba or housa, we are all Nigeria let go for prepare leader not for making name like baba buhari era.

    2. Listen to yourself,do you have northern party and southern party?every party want his candidate to win irrespective of of the region he comes from

    3. Its surprising how any Southerner will even campaign for a northerner in d coming election especially after 8 yrs of Buhari’s tenure. It is d turn of d south.what then is d difference btw now and d military era when northerners dominate d aso rock.
      D Southerners who don’t know their right are to be blamed

      1. Sheath your swords. All these POLITRICKCIANS you are arguing over do not worth a moment of you time. Their children are guaranteed multi-billonairs with foreign abodes. Every northern leadership worsens the economy of Nigeria and sets back the north so many light years. See the purported (later denied ENDORSEMENT OF PETER OBI by the reverted SULTAN of SOKOTO). I urge you to vote for your children’s tomorrow.

      2. So you want North to rule 14 years before another zone can take over, this mentality can’t move this country forward

      3. So what happened when the north ruled for 20years between 1979 to 1999? No good things happened instead Nigeria continue to sink. Northerners don’t have what it takes to rule Nigeria all they know is looting money cheating other tribes. I don’t hate the north but the truth must be told.

      4. What about the military era? Balewa, Gowon & Co. Your mentality of born to rule will come to an end soon. You just wait for the elections to be over. Northerners has been in power since 1960. Nigeria will end soon

      5. Thank you my dear brother obj and Jonathan rule for 14years let north complete their own 4year tenor before we can talk of who go again

      6. Tafawa Balewa from the North ruled for 7 years. Gowon from the North ruled for 9 years. Murtala 6 months, Shagari 4 years 3 months. Buhari 20 months. Babangida 8 years. Abacha 5 years. Abdulsalami 10 months. All from the North. Did Nigeria start in 1999? In Nigeria existence as a country, in the past 62 years, the north had ruled for about 43 years

      7. How old is Nigeria ⁉️ 54 years. Give us the statistics for the rest of the presidents either military or civilian, they were in charge

      8. What about the one of shehu shagari 1979-1983, Buhari 1983-1985, Babangida 1985-1993 then Abacha 1994-1998 where did you keep that one .
        Please relax and wait for next 8years .

      9. Please get your mathematics right.
        You summed up only the period from OBJ to present. Do a total picture.

        1. Big fool use your brain who are the political gladiators you know in Nigeria stop thinking with your anus Ewu

      10. Buhari is to be blamed. If he had worked to the satisfaction of Nigerians, whosoever he anoints would have rode on the back of his good job to victory. Unfortunately, he has made APC so vulnerable. I wish BAT success.

      11. In that case, you need to add years of military rule where the northern leaders were in power in majority of years.

      12. And your military forefathers ruled for 45 years none stop!..making the greatest unified decision against the South!!

      13. Tell us where those who ruled Nigeria from 1979 to 1999 hail from. (Obasanjo handed over to and took over from). Was that a different Nigeria?

    4. Nothing much is different btw u and the so called Northern born to rule mentality. U are not being very fair, Bcuz the presidency should not just go to the south but to the southeast.
      He who comes to equity must come with a clean hand.

    5. There’s nothing like born to rule mentality. You southerners should stop making these nonsense up bcuz it is dividing the country. The same southerners are the ones who betray their own people for money and supports the North to take over power. The North has never ruled alone I their own, the South has always been part of the plot.

    6. Same people that said it’s not about religion or region now crying that north should not continue in power ?
      It’s about integrity now, not region. Tinubu should have support Osinbajo

    7. Good talk. North /South dichotomy should remain unbroken. In the interest of Nigeria and fair play, president must be a Southerner ie Obi or Tinubu. Period. Rotational presidency.

    8. This argument lacks morality and is most unfortunate. Tell me, why should the west after several shots at the presidency want to keep the east in perpetual isolation and still claiming to wish national cohesion. BAT was the greatest beneficiary in this PMB government ensuring that he cornered all positions to his cohorts. Now you want to talk about the north – please sharap.

    9. The most insult to our secular is the presentation of same faith ticket, so BAT is out of the equation for fairness, equity and justice

    10. Dear friend, if Westerners can think of running for presidency this time, when the East is yet to produce a president , without thinking it an insult why should the North not contest the presidency.

    11. The equity you are seeking is one sided hence you include Tinubu. A Yoruba man is current vice president of Nigeria, Obasanjo, a Yoruba man has rule 8 years, waiting the Yirubas wants? If you truly want equity, it is turn of th South East.

    12. That is true, when PMB Came out, all the southern & Western Nigeria surported him. We can not vote any candidate from North at this time. So the Northern Nigeria should be ready to vote any candidate from Yoruba or Ibo region. prophetbayoakinmaye@gmail.com

    13. Mr Ojo which tribe is synonymous with betrayal in Nigeria, I hope you will be brave enough to answer my question with honesty.

    14. It’s democracy, we are northerners we have the right to vote for whoever we want, nobody can tell us who we should vote for. It’s our right, it’s our decision, and it’s our vote so stop wasting your time. Let me tell the only people can stop us from voting for Atiku Abubakar our fellow northern is our Imans, who are you to tell us who we should vote for

    1. One day that game will be a disgrace no matter how u manipulate Nigerians. It’s a pity for making such a comment.

    2. Hi my people let’s forged of let my people go and votes a man who can Stand,think, & can also address the country without saying erm erm erm, a man who still have both primary & secondary memory intact to think of good things in our deer country

    1. Am afraid for Nigeria as a sovereignty nation Because of The incoming President election. The outcome of the poll will determine Nigeria.

    2. That’s it what I’m thinking too
      This is democracy everyone has right to vote for who ever he likes from which ever party,
      And these people are keep saying rubbish wai “born to rule” there is nothing like that.

  2. Now is good morning to you, you follow gang up to betray good luck your from the south thinking that the north will support you, those people love their own but you didn’t love your thanks

  3. Its God that gives power.
    Its not by power
    It’s that you said its your turn.
    We need a capable leader.
    Vote wise.

  4. You have not known the northerners Mr tunubu I grew up in Gambolu Ngala L.G.A in Bronu state. It is the same music you joined and dance against Good luck Jonathan. They must dance it against you. You just saw 35%. EFCC is coming to complete it 70%. The remaining 30% your people will see it in your burial arrangements

  5. Shame on you festus Kayamo for marketing this kind of product to the Nigerians….Baba God Will Surely pay you back one hundred million fold IJN……….AMEN.
    As for APC And PDP, We Are Celebrating Their Obituary Soon. All We Need Is To Get Our PVC Ready Come Feb 25….

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  7. You started the betrayal, it was the turn of the Igbos, (South East), but you refused. If you vowed that Igbos can’t get it, the north should take it

  8. There would be nothing like betrayal if Tinubu did win in any part of Nigeria, because Southerners have messed up by giving Tinubu ticket to run, having known that he is not physically, mentally, economically, and academically fit to rule a country of more than 250m populace.look at his campaign stretagy he has nothing on his manifestos. Shame on Nigeria

  9. For the same reason of equity and justice, Tinubu should not even have aspired in the first place. I am Yoruba and we had 8 years as President and another 8 years as Vice President. Haba we should also think of others. The north east have never produced a president before, so Atiku is qualified to contest because the north have 10 years while the south already have 14.

  10. Good one sir. APC governors will never form an integrity or G-5 . Betrayal isn’t in APC veins. May 29th is ABAT “Jagaban” swearing in.

    1. You are a false Prophet. Look at how you tell lies in the name of God. Is it God that told you that Tinubu will win or who? You want a SICKLING CANDIDATES with mental challenges to come and rule nigeria simply because of the money he you are getting from him,abi?? The Almighty God will SHAME People like you when the time comes.

    2. Deluded tribal bigot, Tinubu that is shaking like umbrella you get mind oooo.
      My state delta is for Mr Peter Obi.

    3. Please, bro, put sentiments aside….all the odds are against BAT…..poor performance of APC GOVT, disrespectful muslim- Muslim tickets, BAT questionable integrity, his mental health etc

    4. If you want the north to support a candidate from the south like we did to OBJ and Abiola,tell your people to desist from abusing any of our candidates from the north on grounds of ethnicity and religious differences, and in addition,any candidate from the south must be mentally,spiritually,physically fit to rule the nation

    5. We have no country yet. Our loyalty is to our tribes and regions. Indeed Nigeria is mere geographical expression.

    6. In your father’s house abi? Let’s see how that mannequin comes even 3rd come 25th of February.

    7. U are not God,pls if u really a prophet u claim to be u beta pray for your upcoming generation bcos ur decision might destroy their life,advice from lovezone international

  11. The North has responsible and respectful leaders who will guide the people on the need to maintain peace and unity of Nigeria. We have just one country. All the political parties can dissolve and nobody will lose sleep, but if the country is thrown into avoidable confusion because of failure to keep to a simple understanding of power rotations between the North and South, then that is a recipe for graveyard peace which can snowball into crisis capable of threatening the continued existence of Nigeria as one country. In particular, the APC Governors of Northern States and other leaders of the party have work to do to preserve the unity of this country

  12. I think we should pray more for divine intervention than engaging in this game call dumbfullery n show of shame than all this comedy of error we are in a serious crisis as a nation n destines are at stake o who told you all that d elections would hold or have all forget MKO saga

  13. I pray that Tinubu win, he is the most qualified out of the major three .
    Obi need to oversee things to get enough experience . thank

  14. It is quite insulting for Tinubu to engage 2 mad people as campaign directors whose duties are to abuse elders little did they know that these 2 rascal have brought shame and rejection to their principal Drug peddler and Certificate forger sorry pity.

  15. Yes nobody can stop him except Almighty Allah. Yes i said so again and again. Am from North am not a westerner. Up Tunubu.

  16. The worst thing about betrayal is that it comes from one very close. By extension, those that you trust. Let’s watch and see.

  17. That is how it soporse to my Dear people the person is from north east please defferenciat their zone

  18. Believe it or not, Jagaban is the next president of our great nation by God grace. Am tired of housa pattern of leadership.

  19. Yes, let apc rule again for another 8 years so we can buy fuel for #600 per liter and our children will be kept at home for another 2 years of asuu strike. Just for #2000 that u will be given for 4 years. Who curse nigeria? This time, by the grace of God this curse will not have any effect on us-nigerias. Peter Obi all the way. The next president of nigeria by the grace of God

  20. Thank you my dear brother obj and Jonathan rule for 14years let north complete their own 4year tenor before we can talk of who go again

  21. Every one has the right to vote and to be voted for, Nigeria is bigger than tribe we know the hardship he introduced to us because of health challenges.

  22. And it’s not an insult to the unity and cohesion of Nigeria to parade a same-faith ticket?
    It is also not an insult to Nigeria to present a man who can’t hold a tea cup with one hand for the presidency of the country? Haba, jamaa!

  23. To me had it being the south had the population of North, they will never allow North to rule them. The North are very easy people.

  24. This time , this turn belongs to South East and I hope the injustice against the South East in this regards won’t be the abattoir to our disintegration, injustice to one is injustice to all!!

  25. The masses has said “it’s Peter Obi and Baba Amend Datti we want” hence the Direction of Feb., 25th 2023 Presidential Election.

  26. Am sorry Tinubu is not d right Candidate for APC at dis time. Let’s put sentiment aside. He didn’t win d ticket he bought it. Even d APC government don’t want him there dat is why he is not getting d support he suppose to get from d central. D governors who supported him to win d ticket will also betray him

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