2023 Presidency: Gov. Ayade reveals major ‘reason’ why APC should support Tinubu

The Governor of Cross River state, Ben Ayade has stated that Former Lagos Governor and National leader of the All Progressives, Bola Ahmed Tinubu deserves to contest for President because he has worked hard for his party.

Ayade in a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, monitored by POLITICS NIGERIA, disclosed that Tinubu was right to indicate interest in the party’s 2023 presidential ticket because he worked hard to install the current government in power.

When asked about Tinubu’s aspirations, Ayade said; “If you ask me for Bola Tinubu, i go say e dey correct say he come out. The man work hard, e struggle, e fight, e support Buhari to put this government wey dey in place. So for man wey dey work hard like that you go expect say now wey be the turn of the south, make im try.”

“God give am opportunity, e go try im best. Me i no go say e no good as e come out say e wan run or make e no run, i no go talk like that.”

He added that he is waiting for the party to decide, adding that if the party decides on Tinubu, he will gladly support him but that if the party does not, he will ensure that the party goes to ‘beg and pacify’ the Lagos politician.


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  1. Gov.Ben Ayade has spoken well and very intelligently.
    Remember very well, before 2015,President Muhammadu Buhari could not reach anywhere near the presidency and his ambition was almost forgotten .He tried four times but failed. Inasmuch he has the north for him,he could not pacify the southern part of the country to support him.
    He used Senator Dr. Okadigbo as his running mate , he used Pastor Bakare as his running mate, but failed.
    To the extent that his own party rejected his bid in 2011 bicos he was no longer sellable as a presidential candidate.
    He furiously decamped from his party to form another party called the CPC(Congress for Change).This was before 2011 elections.He contested against Former Ebelle Goodluck Jonathan but still failed.
    From the analogy,President Muhammadu Buhari tried almost four times in ANPP and even CPC,but failed.
    It was however in 2015 ,when his party CPC merged with Senator Chief Bola Tinubu that that he could realise his ambition.Tinubu rallied round the whole west to deliver President Muhammadu Buhari to victory both in 2015 and 2019.This is a feat nobody from the south-south,South East and north could help President Buhari to achieve.
    They say,one good turn deserves another.
    If what President Buhari could not achieve four president contestations and finally in 2015,he won through the combined efforts of that man,Tinubu,it is good to say Tinubu should be encouraged and praised.
    All these times, all he got was being called the National APC leader. He was being appointed into various peace committees,he was he deputy National campaign council chairman during the 2019 presidential elections.
    Please, APC love themselves as a party they should not listen to sycophants hat want to pull down the party and are moving against the party.
    It will be interesting to note that the same Jagaban that brought President Buhari to power in 2015 and repeated same in 2019 can still pull down APC from getting near the presidency in 2023 .
    Be careful and warned!

    It was in 2015however in 2015 ,whe he merged with ACN

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