2023: Why Peter Obi, Tinubu must step down for me to be President – Chris Okotie

The General Overseer of the Household of God Church, Chris Okotie has called on 2023 Presidential candidates of all the political parties in Nigeria to step down for him to take-over from President Muhammadu Buhari.

Okotie also stated that President Buhari should hand over to him as Interim President as he is the only one that can correct the wrongs in the country.

He made this comment on Sunday at his church in Ikeja while celebrating his 63rd birthday. He said;

“I want to appeal to all presidential candidates to withdraw from the race and allow me to come in as the interim president. I want to implore Asiwaju to support my government for the betterment of the country and I also want to tell Obi that the system that introduced him cannot take him anywhere, because he cannot operate in the system we have now.”

“All the presidential candidates should support me to succeed President Buhari as the interim president.”

“We must also rise above tribe and religion because there is an imbalance in the country and we are not practising federalism instead, what we are practising is a presidential system of government. Since 1999, things have been declining because the presidential system of government we are practising has failed us.”

He also added that the State, National Assemblies, Ministers and Commissioners should be scraped.

:We must get rid of the National and State Assemblies because maintaining each member cost the country billions of naira. Some of the standing committees at both assemblies are not useful to the country, they are only representing themselves, not the populace.”

“For the best of the country, both assemblies should be scrapped and the money for maintaining them should be used for something else. What we have in Nigeria today is the government of the party, by the party and for the party.”

“Ministers and the Commissioners should also be expunged because Nigeria’s democracy has been hijacked by the elite for their interest and they are deceiving the downtrodden who don’t know anything. And the most important of all is our constitution. It should be changed to a people-oriented constitution, not the military one we have now. After the change, we can then restructure the country for the better.:

“If I am made the interim president, our government will be a transparent one and we will redirect the steps of the youth who are into internet fraudsters and turned them to better persons in the society and empower them.”

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    Arrest him now before he drifts over the cliff. INFIRMITY has set in.


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