2023: Why Peter Obi’s Presidential Ambition is Dead on Arrival – Tambuwal

The Director General of the Atiku/Okowa campaign and Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal has described the Presidential ambition of the Labour Party Candidate, Mr Peter Obi as dead on arrival.

Speaking at the grand finale of the PDP’s presidential campaign rally held in Yola, Adamawa, Tambuwal opened by commending all members of the PDP for their hard work and dedication to the campaign. He reminded the audience that when the campaign first began, there were 18 contestants in the race for the presidency, but Atiku had emerged as the leading candidate. Tambuwal went on to emphasize that the Atiku/Okowa ticket was a reflection of Nigeria as a whole and that his party was not composed of “ethnic bigots.” He asserted that the PDP had presented candidates who were ready to serve Nigerians and that the other candidates lacked the necessary experience to lead the country.

In his criticism of the APC, Tambuwal declared that he would not vote for the party again. He expressed his dissatisfaction with their leadership, suggesting that the PDP was a better option for Nigeria. However, it was his remarks about Peter Obi that garnered the most attention. Tambuwal argued that Obi’s presidential ambition was “dead on arrival,” implying that he was not fit for the role.

“I commend all our party leaders and members for all the efforts, when the campaign started, we had 18 contestants and the leading candidate is Atiku and the leading ticket is Atiku/Okowa. We are not ethnic bigots.”

“We presented candidates that are ready for the election and serve Nigerians. Other candidates don’t have the experiences of Atiku and Okowa.”

“As a former Speaker, I know the difference and it is only Atiku/Okowa that can move the country forward. The ticket reflects pan Nigeria. We won’t vote for APC, again.”

“When Peter Obi was governor of Anambra he didn’t conduct one local govt election. How could he attempt to be president when he couldn’t conduct local govt elections? He is not Democratic enough. As far as I am concerned Peter Obi’s candidature is dead on arrival.”

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  1. Let us see who is an ethnic bigot. In the middle of the PDP nomination, Tambawul threw his votes into Atiku’s to make him win. In a civilized country, the vote would have been rejected outright because it is changing the rule of the game in the middle of the game. Now, Tambawul has the audacity to call somebody else an ethnic bigot. What a character!!!

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