2027: “There’s a brewing northern conspiracy against Tinubu” – Kano-based political analyst says

Dattijo Sani Rano, a political analyst based in Kano state, has revealed that there is a grand conspiracy from Northern Nigeria against the re-emergence of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for a second term.

According to him, the recent open declaration by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) that the North would work against Tinubu in 2027 ”is a clear indication that there are powerful forces at work to undermine the President’s second term chances and set the stage for a carefully orchestrated plot against him.”

He said: ”The fact that such a group has openly declared its opposition to Tinubu’s bid speaks volumes about the deep-seated opposition and resistance he faces from outside and within his own political circles. 

”It is further evidence that there are powerful forces at play who are determined to derail his political aspirations with a concerted effort to block his path to a second term.

”The alignment of key players like the Kwankwaso camp and the Atiku Abubakar forces against him further highlights the depth of this conspiracy. 

”The connivance of leaders from the North and the self-serving greed of those within the Presidential Villa are enabling this plot to take root and thrive.

”The emergence of key figures such as Alhaji Danbilki Kwamanda and Prof Khalifa Dikwa, who have openly criticized Tinubu’s administration and suggested Kashim Shettima as alternative candidate for the presidency, sheds light on the depth of the conspiracy. 

”These individuals, along with the Kwankwaso camp and the Atiku Abubakar forces, are actively working to undermine Tinubu’s drive and pave the way for their own agendas.”

Rano added that President Tinubu ”is facing a formidable challenge from within his own ranks.”

”The power struggle and backstabbing taking place behind the scenes threaten to derail his administration and undermine his legacy.

”He must take immediate action to counteract the machinations of those seeking to undermine his aspiration. 

”It is time for Tinubu to identify and remove the Judases within his camp, and forge ahead with a team of individuals that is dedicated to upholding the values of justice and honest enterprise.

”It is imperative that President Tinubu takes swift and decisive action to counteract these malicious manoeuvres. 

”Tinubu should be aware of the challenges he is facing from an emerging opposition that aims to weaken his support base in the northern region of the country. 

”Tinubu must take note of these developments and take necessary steps to safeguard his political interests in the northern region. 

”It is imperative that he strengthens his alliances, engages in strategic planning, and remains vigilant against any attempts to undermine his position.

”It is time to rise to the occasion, take control of the narrative, and assert his authority over those seeking to undermine him,” he added.

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