9th National Assembly Failed Nigerians, Says APC Senator, Ali Ndume

Senator Representing Borno South, Ali Ndume, has stated that the 9th National Assembly failed Nigeria as regards fighting corruption and managing the country’s debt.

Ndume made the comment during an interview with the BBC Hausa on Friday, June 9.

He noted that excessive collaboration between the 9th National Assembly and the former President Muhammadu Buhari administration constituted a problem for Nigeria.

He criticized the leadership of the 9th National Assembly for not investigating, following up and assessing the use of the loans received by the Buhari government and their impact on the country.

His words:

“We did not conduct a proper investigation or study the benefits of collecting the loans.

“Similarly, we did not determine the benefit of the debts received in the past, how to pay the money taken, and the things that will follow.”

Ndume explained that the promise to tackle corruption brought Buhari’s government to power, but the administration did not directly take any firm action to show that it was really serious.

“What we came up with in the government is that we will fight corruption directly, but no law has been made to show this,” Ndume said.

According to him, the lawmakers were responsible for this failure in the 9th National Assembly.

Ndume added that failure to say no to some of the government’s demands which appeared to be for personal gains has not helped Nigeria.

“There has never been an Assembly that has given the executive branch as much cooperation as the 9th Assembly.

“Although we should cooperate, we have gone too far, and it has become a problem for the country,” he concluded.

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