“A display of ignorance” – Former Jigawa governor blasts northern governors’ US trip

Former Jigawa State governor Sule Lamido has criticized Northern governors for attending a symposium on insecurity in the United States instead of addressing the escalating security challenges in their region. 

In a Facebook post titled ‘Advancing our shame and embarrassment beyond our frontiers,’ Lamido expressed disappointment with the governors, calling their trip an embarrassment to Nigeria and a display of ignorance.

“Their concern, commendable as it were, ended up exposing their ignorance at understanding the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria the very instrument which gave them the legitimacy and the authority to be Governors,” Lamido, who is also a former foreign affairs minister, stated. 

Lamido condemned the governors’ decision to focus on security issues, which fall under the Exclusive Legislative List of the Constitution, instead of prioritizing local concerns such as agriculture and healthcare.

He criticized the governors for neglecting basic infrastructural needs like clean water and adequate education facilities, stressing that it contributes to security challenges. 

He also pointed out instances of lavish spending by some governors while essential services remain neglected, questioning their priorities.

Furthermore, Lamido argued that the governors could have sought expertise and solutions from local institutions like the Nigerian Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) or the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIA) instead of travelling abroad.

He blamed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NIA for failing to guide the governors properly and facilitating their unnecessary trip. 

He added: “The governors could not have travelled without the facilitation of the Ministry or our Embassy in Washington. 

“Nigeria and Nigerians now carry the image of “advancing our shame and embarrassment beyond our frontiers” caused by their Excellencies! 

“One is inclined to believe Rufai Oseni of Arise TV when he recently said, ‘Nigerian madness has no bounds or limits’ “So in Nigeria today, one’s biggest challenge is how one remains sane in this insane country!”

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