Abba Kyarigate: How not to be a Policeman by Nelson Ekujimi

All over the world, the police is an institution for which integrity and character is the watchword and no effort should be too much to be expended in ensuring that the honour of the profession remains intact at all times.

Hence, one was taken aback by a media report linking a senior officer of the Nigeria police force with the conviction of an international fraudster Hushpuppi by a US court in which it was reported that the court has ordered the FBI to arrest commissioner of Police Abba Kyari for collecting bribe from the criminal Hushpuppi.

While one was still trying to come to terms with this rude shock which seemed like an attempt to malign the character of Mr. Abba Kyari who had carved a niche for himself as a super cop and nemesis of criminals with his high success rate in crime bursting, then Mr. Abba Kyari came out with a statement of defence of his record on his Facebook page.

The defence by Mr. Abba Kyari was to say the least, an utter disappointment to his person and the Nigeria police force which he represents.

In his defence, Mr. Abba Kyari claimed that he got to know Mr Hushpuppi through his call to his (police) office alledging that someone wanted to kill his family, that the police responded to the call and arrested the suspect, but after investigation, it was discovered that the information was incorrect, rather it was a dispute over money matters and the suspect was allowed to go with paying a kobo as a bribe. Very sweet story, but if I may ask, how come that the criminal Hushpuppi who gave false information to the police was not arrested and prosecuted for giving the police false information to mislead or is the giving of false information no longer a crime under the law?

Secondly, Mr. Kyari claimed that he has no link with Hushpuppi, but how come he responded to the fraudster request on his native clothes seen on his Facebook page by introducing him to his tailor to whom Hushpuppi sent N300, 000 to sew some clothes for him and when the tailor finished sewing the clothes, he sent it to Abba Kyari office from where Hushpuppi sent someone to collect it. Haba Mr. Kyari, this type of exchange can only happen between persons who have a relationship, stop trying to play on our intelligence, we are not kids.

The conduct of Mr. Abba Kyari as explained in his response has exposed him and the Nigeria police force to utter ridicule with a conduct totally unbecoming of an officer of his status.

While, it remains to be proven that Hushpuppi gave bribe to Mr. Abba Kyari because of his character as a fraudster, Mr Kyari conduct is one that must attract appropriate sanction from the Nigeria police force for bringing the institution to public disrepute.

This is one Abba Kyarigate that will haunt CP Abba Kyari and the Nigeria police force for a long time to come because it depicts how not to be a policeman.

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