Abba Kyari’s Death: ‘How Aisha Buhari will fight the Cabal’ – Kpeerogi

Popular Columnist, Farouq Kpeerogi has stated that a battle line between the First lady, Aisha Buhari and members of ‘the Cabal’ has been drawn.

In a recent column, Abba Kyari’s Death, End of a Surrogate Presidency, and the Coming Chaos”, Kperoogi explains that Abba Kyari’s death has set the tone for a battle with remaining members of the ‘cabal’.

He wrote; “There is a yawning, potentially disorienting power vacuum in the presidential villa now, which actually emerged really visibly since Kyari went out of circulation before his eventual death.”

“Watch out for Aisha Buhari to assert herself more aggressively and to work to grab power in the fashion that Turai Yar’adua did. In fact, she already started this the moment Kyari took ill. One of the first things Aisha did was to cause Jalal Arabi, Permanent Secretary of the State House and Kyari’s dutiful protege, to be redeployed from the Villa.”

“The remnants of the cabal will, of course, fight back. But the fight between Aisha and members of the cabal who are merely Kyari’s proteges would be a fight in the dark because Buhari who is supposed to intervene is an insentient being who’s barely aware he’s alive.”

“The in-fighting will create noticeable cracks in the Buhari group that Osinbajo, Tinubu, and other interest groups would exploit to feather their nests and advance their interests. In other words, in the coming days and months, expect the cessation of any pretence to governance and an unprecedentedly factious, dog-eat-dog, recriminatory fight between competing power blocs.”

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