“Absolute frustration of a false accuser” – Umahi blasts Atiku again over Lagos-Calabar highway

The Minister of Works, David Umahi, has once again rebuked former Vice President Abubakar Atiku for his comments regarding the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project. 

In a statement signed by Umahi’s spokesman, Uchenna Orji, the minister accused Atiku of making politically motivated remarks.

Umahi’s response came after Atiku raised concerns about the procurement process, alleged conflict of interest, and lack of transparency surrounding the multi-trillion naira Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project. 

Atiku had specifically pointed out the involvement of Seyi, the son of the president, on the board of CDK Integrated Industries, a company connected to the project.

The minister dismissed Atiku’s claims as “superficial, baseless, and politically motivated.” 

He reiterated that the procurement process, including bid evaluation and approval, adhered to the provisions of the Procurement Act.

His words: “Again, this claim is nothing but a digression showing absolute frustration of a false accuser who is bereaved of facts to substantiate his claims.

“The project, which was by the analysis of the former vice president put at a cost of about N8.552 billion per km of standard gauge, was meticulously and judiciously reduced to about N4.329 billion per kilometre gauge by the minister under the new design and concept.

“The old concept and design relied upon by the former Vice President has a 52-metre corridor with asphalt, whereas the new concept as reviewed by the minister has a 100-metre corridor with a total concrete pavement of 59.2 metres and increased size of 10 lanes and a provision for 25 metres for train track.

“In this regard therefore, it will not be immodest to state that the former  vice president displayed the highest level of hypocrisy and was out to mislead and brainwash the unsuspecting members of the public, especially the gullible, for selfish political reasons.”

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