Access Bank has the worst Banking Security – Notorious Fraudster [PHOTO]


A Fraud suspect has stated that Access Bank has one of the worst banking security in Nigeria.

Zachary Yahaya popularly known as ‘His Excellency’ was paraded before the press on Monday were he admitted to his numerous crimes.

When being interrogated by FORCE PRO, Frank Mba, Yahaya revealed that it was very easy to reset the details of Access bank customers.

Responding to the PRO’s question on banks in Nigeria with the worst security, Yahaya identified Access Bank as one of his ‘favorites’ because it was very easy to manouvre.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that Yahaya operates majorly in Plateau, Kano and Abuja. He disclosed that the largest he ever stole from an account is N800,000.

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  1. Of course. My line was stolen last week and before you know it, the guy entered my Access Bank account and withdrew with much ease. I am done with Access Bank!

  2. I will start closing my account with Access Bank. THANKS for this information. WAOUH. Access bank what’s your take?

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