ActionAid Nigeria gets new country director

Andrew Mamedu has been appointed as the new country director of ActionAid Nigeria, succeeding Ene Obi after her dedicated six years of service.

Jumai Ajijola, the ActionAid Board Chair, stated that Mamedu previously held the position of director of resource mobilization and innovation at ActionAid Nigeria.

Mamedu will now serve as the country director for a term of 3-6 years.

She said Mamedu has been with the organization for the past 18 years and has gone through the ranks and file, learning sharing, teaching and being grounded to take the position.

She noted that the new country director has displayed bravery, dedication and keen understanding of their mission, saying Mamedu has worked closely with the leadership ActionAid Federation to ensure their vision and mission is achieved

Ajijola stated that his emergence as the country director was done through a rigorous recruitment process, as he was selected from the about 120 applications received for the post.

Mamedu stated in his response that he went through a rigorous 4-day interview process led by the board chair and commended the board of trustees and the entire organization for entrusting him with the responsibility.

He mentioned that their advocacy for the rights of people living in poverty and exclusion is not just a source of pride but a solemn pledge to fostering a world that is fair and just.

“We say something in ActionAid, that we have only one bias and that bias is that we take sides with those living in poverty and exclusion and we are unapologetic about it”.

He commended his predecessor, Ene Obi, including other previous country directors of the organisation, saying their passion, resilience and unwavering dedication for social justice has laid the solid foundation for which he will continue to build and expand.

While mentioning that Nigeria is faced with unprecedented challenges bothering those in poverty, he said those challenges cuts across social, economic and human rights issues given that about 133 million people has been classified as being multi-dimensionally poor.

Mamedu stated that in the midst of the challenges, they will remain resolute, stressing need to promote positive systems that will boister poverty eradication while ardently working to transform the structure that perpetrate poverty, inequality and injustice.

He revealed that while heading the Resource Mobilization and Innovation Directorate in the last 6 years, he has been able to raise £56 million from donor agencies for ActionAid Nigeria, saying they have set the benchmark and intend to surpass it in eradicating poverty in Nigeria.

While mentioning that they have been working with 60 donor agencies and 300 communities, the new CR pledged that his tenure will be defined by open dialogue, collaboration and the unrelenting pursuit of sustainable development.

“We will amplify the voices of those living in poverty and exclusion, champion their rights and tirelessly move for the attachment of the sustainable development goal.

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