AFCON: Nigeria’s Sports minister condemns cyberbullying against Alex Iwobi

Senator John Owan Enoh, the Minister of Sports Development, has strongly condemned cyberbullying directed at Alex Iwobi following Nigeria’s loss to the Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) final.

The minister expressed his disapproval of such behaviour, emphasizing that the Fulham player gave his best while representing the nation and deserved support rather than negativity.

Senator Enoh called for kindness and graciousness towards sportsmen and women, recognizing their dedication and efforts.

He urged the public to rally behind them, acknowledging their contributions and emphasizing that cyberbullying does not represent the sentiments of the nation’s leadership or the majority of Nigerians.

In a message to Iwobi, Senator Enoh encouraged him to stay strong, highlighting that he was part of a team that brought home a silver medal, a significant achievement for Nigerian football. He also praised Iwobi for his commitment and dedication.

He wrote on X:

”I condemn strongly the cyberbullying of Alex Iwobi or any other sports man or woman.

”They give a lot, if not all, of themselves when representing our Nation, the least we can do is rally support for them, be kind and gracious with words and actions towards them.

Dear Alex Iwobi be strong. You were part of a team that brought home a silver medal from AFCON 2023. The last time we won a silver was twenty-three years ago at AFCON 2000.

”Cyberbullies do not determine what the leadership of the country, the rest of Nigerians, including myself, think of you. You did your best, gave over four days for the love of the nation.

”We applaud you. We are proud of you, keep soaring.”

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