After beheading of Imo LG boss, Uzodinma sends plea to ‘Unknown Gunmen’

The Imo State government led by Hope Uzodinma on Tuesday said it has charged security agencies to leave no stone unturned in finding those behind Sunday’s murder of the Sole Administrator of Ideato North Local Government Area (LGA), Chris Ohizu.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the government also appealed to the ‘Unknown Gunmen’ to “resist the temptation of going ahead with this bloodletting”.

This was contained in a statement on Tuesday by the state commissioner of information and strategy, Declan Emetumba.

The government’s message was in reaction to the killing of Ohizu by the Unknown Gunmen – a catch-all for the criminal gangs carrying out frequent bouts of attacks on southeast residents and government facilities.

The statement reads: “The Government of Imo State is saddened by the brutal and cruel murder on Sunday, January 22, of the Sole Administrator of Ideato North Local Government Area, Chris Ohizu.

“The chilling assassination of Mr. Ahizu in cold blood is as benumbing as it is callous. This killing falls in line with the targeting of members of the ruling APC, government officials, and their friends.

“Those previously murdered in cold blood include Orlu APC LGA woman leader, Jenny Rachael Okonkwo (Iron Lady); Nze Chidi Ejiaka; Barr. Darlington Odume; Nze Nwachukwu Igboayaka; Mrs Helen Nnakwe; Collins Okey Agah, Chukwudi Dimagwu; Eddy Ofuefule; all APC chieftains from Orlu, and many others as well as Emma Mazi, former IMC chairman of Oguta LGA.

“It is unfortunate that even those who are quick to shout over insecurity in the state never found their voices to condemn these cold-blooded killings in the past and are not saying anything also on the latest killing.

“Be that as it may, Government condemns this cold-blooded murder on a Sunday and appeals to the perpetrators of the dastardly act and their sponsors to resist the temptation of going ahead with this bloodletting which has plunged the state into the current state of uncertainty.”

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  1. If Mr hope Ozodomgba is pleading now for the unknow gunmen to drop their act of killing after he (hope uzoadimma) saw how they killed Chris Ohizu , he is at the same time telling the security operatives not to leave any stone unturned until those behind the killing is found and must face justice,he begged them because they were telling him Mr uzoadimma that he is the next as they were killing Mr Ohizu. Hope uzoadimma is saying what he is saying because now he knows that he is not going to be spared and the beheading of Chris Ohizu really shock him but that is because he knows that for him ,there is no place to contain him in the southeast.

    1. I don’t really understand your point Sir, are you saying anyone that has a different opinion apart from that of his region is guilty of death, I am not drawing any conclusion please, I just want to get it clear because I don’t really understand your point Sir.

    2. @AMAECHINA.

      Heheheu My brother didi you think that people like hope ozozdimgba will still remain in igboland once his tenure is over???
      I don’t think so.
      He will jakpa and will forever remain outside for the rest of his stupid life.

  2. This is what I call the wickedness of Man, caused by the same people killing our innocent brothers and sisters in Cold blood, due to their selfish political reasons, now they have also turned against their co politicians for the same political gains, only if our south east leaders will be bold enough to demand for the unconditional release of MNK as we only awaits his release and be compensated as directed by court which is the only hope of a common Man. This will definitely reduce the crime in the region but I think the Fulanis govt are happy over this crime’s in the south east.

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