Akwa Ibom stakeholders accuse Akpabio of spreading falsehood during church service

Prominent stakeholders in Akwa Ibom State have condemned Senate President Godswill Akpabio for allegedly disseminating false information during a recent church service.

In a communique the Ekid Nation Interest Forum issued, the group described Akpabio’s statements as “frivolous, deceitful, misleading, and inciting.”

The controversy arose during a Thanksgiving service hosted by Governor Umo Eno in Eket on February 11, 2024.

Akpabio, who arrived late at the event, claimed to have repurchased and redesigned the Qua River Hotel in Eket, a statement vehemently opposed by the stakeholders.

The stakeholders accused Akpabio of insincerity, suggesting that his sudden interest in Eket was a political manoeuvre, considering his recent declaration to capture the governorship seat for the APC in 2027.

The stakeholders emphasized that Eket had taken legislative steps to reclaim the Qua River Hotel, questioning Akpabio’s claims of repurchasing the property.

They expressed a lack of interest in Akpabio’s “cosmetic love” for Eket. They asserted their confidence in Governor Umo Eno’s leadership, trusting that he would genuinely contribute to the development of the local government.

Part of the communique read: “Akpabio is a wrong person to advise Governor Umo Eno on what to do for Eket people; Akpabio cannot be more Catholic than the Pope, Akpabio cannot cry our cry for us.

“Good enough, we have a listening leader in Governor Umo Eno, who does not allow ethnic sentiments or other mundane trivialities to put a wedge between him and his plans for the people.

“We trust that the humble Man of God in the helms of Akwa Ibom State affairs will build an ultra-modern Hotel complex for Eket; he will expand on its infrastructure and will afford us more government presence through industries, a tertiary institution and other infrastructure to enable our local government to reclaim its past glory as ‘Idung Mfianwe’.

“For the umpteenth time, we urge Senator Godswill Akpabio to leave Eket alone. He did not like us yesterday; he cannot like us today. We are not interested in his cosmetic love.”

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  1. A Christian gathering is where to spread falsehood. it was a mockery of the Christian faith which shows his spiritual bankruptcy.

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