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All you need to now about Ziad Maalouf, 7-UP MD embroiled in Leaked Email Scandal


Here is a Profile of Ziad Maalouf, the Managing Director of 7-UP who is currently embroiled in an email leak scandal.

Ziad announced plans to eliminate B-Brand from Market in Nigeria.

Ziad started as National Sales and Distribution Manager and quickly rose through the ranks to the role of COO and then Managing Director of the Seven-up bottling company in April 2017.

The Lebanese-Born business man posses a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the American University of Beirut. In 2019, Trouble started for Ziad after he announced plans to ‘eliminate’ all B-brand from market.

Maalouf disclosed this during a two-day workshop held on Saturday, November 2, saying that he would bring the dream of the B-Brand of taking over Nigeria from A-Brand to bed.

The theme of the workshop included: “The Heart that represented by the value we live daily. Passion, Hard Work, Integrity, Honesty, Mutual Trust and respect.

Speaking about their comparative, the manager said: ” Let me start by explaining the competitive playground once again. This session is not like any other, so the mindset of growing vs last year, achieving budget, business as usual cost management etc.

“The outcome of this season must write the future and destiny of the three major competitors along with the future of the B-Brand industry (Bigger back and lower price concept) disruption in Nigeria: One company will flourish, one company will diminish, and one company will finish.

“The B-Brand destructive business model will either become a temptation for everyone who has a bit of money to start own brand in Nigeria or it will become a curse that ensures no one takes such a decision again. SBC must be company that will flourish and B-Brand taking over Nigeria from A-Brand must be put to bed.”

Maalouf who also spoke about his personal experience as MD said: “My experience at Ikeja was another new great learning. On the weaknesses and threat side, I noticed the following: “We have No clear sales strategy. Our sales team are working as a job, not as a passion with a clear dream. Incentives are being delayed for no reason.

“Motivation at sales team level is very low with weak sense direction and accountability. We are stuck in a mode of excuses (whether Bigi did this, NBC did that etc).

“Our information and execution are extremely week. We have no integration and synergies between departments ( even communication is weak).”


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