“APC behind crisis in our party” – Labour Party’s deputy national chair alleges

Deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Ayo Olorunfemi, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of sponsoring the persistent crisis in the LP.

Olorunfemi made the allegation during an interview with a national newspaper published on Sunday.

He said: “They are the ones behind all of this. We suspect that they are the one. Who has been challenging the APC? Is it not the LP? We have the arbitral threat. From the last election, but they fear the LP’s popularity.

“Now is the beginning of wisdom for the APC. So, they will do everything possible. We know their profile; we know their antecedents. They don’t believe in due process and orderliness; they don’t believe in morality and the fear of God. They don’t believe in all of those.

“They got to where they are now by all the available crooked means, including unnecessary protests in Lagos State whereby they were killing cows every day to feed people to protest against the removal of subsidy, but they were the first to remove the subsidy. That was the first agenda.

“They removed the subsidy. So, who was gaining from the payment of subsidy before now? Who has been the gainer?

“And why is it (subsidy) now being removed after you protested so vehemently and deceived Nigerian workers into protesting? All of them now are speaking in tongues.

“They can no longer talk. We know their stock in trade. We understand their antecedents. We know they are the ones that are doing all of these things.”

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