APC elders intervene as Governor Alia and SGF Akume’s feud rocks Benue politics

Amid internal strife within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State, a group of concerned stakeholders led by Senator Ameh Ebute has stepped forward to quell the ongoing discord within the party ranks.

The focal point of contention revolves around recent attacks directed at Governor Hyacinth Alia and his administration by aggrieved APC local government party chairmen loyal to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume.

Recall that days ago, an aide to the governor also called for the resignation of the APC State Chairman, a loyalist of Akume.

The chairmen accused the governor of unilateral decision-making, specifically citing the imposition of caretaker chairpersons and labelling the state’s governance as a one-person affair.

Addressing the media after a prolonged meeting at the government house, Senator Ameh Ebute, serving as the voice of the Concerned Elders, expressed deep concern over these developments.

He highlighted the danger posed by such internal clashes, indicating that they distract the governor from fulfilling his campaign pledges and offer opportunities for opposition parties to capitalize on the rifts.

Through a communique read by Senator Ebute, the stakeholders unequivocally denounced the actions of the local government party chairmen and the executive committee for resorting to public confrontations rather than seeking internal resolutions.

They stressed the importance of keeping party matters within closed doors and urged a cessation of any further actions that could deepen the disunity.

The group recounted their active participation in various critical stakeholder meetings, including two expansive gatherings held at the government house in Makurdi and a mini-state congress following the Governorship Elections Petitions Tribunal victory.

Additionally, they highlighted instances where confidence was reposed in Governor Alia’s leadership style and inclusive governance.

Amidst the turmoil, the APC’s Concerned Stakeholders implored Governor Alia to stay focused on the state’s development, advising him not to be swayed by distractions but to continue his diligent efforts towards the progress of Benue State.

Recall that days ago, an aide to the governor had called for the resignation of the APC State Chairman, a loyalist of Akume.

Addressing his supporters recently amidst the rift with the SGF, Governor Alia said:

”I want all of us to listen to me and listen to me very well. Benue State is the only state you and I have. So this is the only state we call home.

”Nobody, I repeat, no single individual has a monopoly over Benue State. All of us are stakeholders of Benue State; therefore, no one must and should not intimidate or threaten any of you standing here.”


  1. I don’t support the idea of detraction at all, So my word for the Governor of Benue state. Mr Hyacinth Alia is to focus on building a better Benue state, To return it glory as the foods basket of the Nation. Mr Akume and the Governor Mr Alia are brother from the same state, right and also there should not put the state on fire, for their own interests let love leads. Among you all. God blessed the Governor Mr Hyacinth Alia and the good people of Benue state.

  2. Thank you for your candid input and honest advise. Just a minor correction, the Governor is Rev. Dr. Hyacinth Alia and the SGF is Dr. George Akume not “Mr” as u addressed them in your comment.

    Asides that, I concord to your suggestion of unity of purpose and focus amongst the Chieftain and the Governor.

    Thank you.

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