APC has ruined “the other room” of Nigerian families – Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu, the director of strategic communications of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) presidential campaign, has said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) should be blamed for the purported prevalence of marital dissolution in Nigeria.

In a statement on Sunday, sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, Momodu also said the APC ‘have castrated families, and ruined “the other room”, thus worsening the condition of Nigerians’.

“In eight years, they have not been able to change anything positively. They have led Nigeria into a ditch,” the statement by the Ovation Publisher partly reads.

“Inflation is close to 21%. Unemployment rate is 33%. The Naira is one of the worst-performing currencies against the dollar in the world. The suicide rate in the country has risen terribly, because the people have lost hope. Divorce rate too because the APC and its leaders have castrated families, and ruined “the other room” thus, they have worsened the condition of Nigerians.

“Now, in 2022, Bola Tinubu says he wants to take Nigerians on a journey. A journey to nowhere, most certainly; or, to be precise – to perdition.

“A week ago, he promised that he would ensure the continuity of the current administration. What does he want to continue? If I may ask: the poverty, agony and cluelessness that the APC have imposed on Nigerians?”

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