“APC tried to keep Obaseki” – Waziri Bulama, reveals what Buhari, Ganduje did

Acting national secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Waziri Bulama has opened up on the recent crisis that rocked the party.

Bulama, in a recent interview, disclosed that the crisis heightened after the defection of Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He explained that the party did a lot to keep Obaseki adding that even the President, Muhammadu Buhari intervened in the matter but to no avail.

“As a party, we did everything humanly possible to appeal to the feuding sides in Edo State. Obaseki was on one hand and other stakeholders on the other. Those stakeholders, for instance, the 14 members of the House of Assembly that he decided to lock-out because he inaugurated the state House of Assembly with only nine members and for the past one year, he has been running the state house of assembly with the Speaker nominated by only nine members.”

“There was nothing that was not done by all stakeholders of our party from our top leadership to other stakeholders like the governors, APC Governors’ Forum and the National Assembly to bring these stakeholders together: the governor and 14 house of assembly members, the governor and five National Assembly members, the governor and House of Reps members led by Hon Ihovbaire, the governor and the senator from Edo North.”

“Repeatedly, President Buhari talked to Obaseki, he appealed to all the stakeholders, the APC Governors Forum sent a delegation led by Ganduje. The party set up a committee led by the Senate President. Obaseki said he did not want claiming the Senate was biased. They sent another team. Look, all these options and others were explored but unfortunately, all these did not work and it led to a point, regrettably, where Obaseki left the party.”

“But thank God, we are as a party held on to the process and continued with the process for the emergence of a candidate. It is our hope that having successfully concluded the process that led to the emergence of a candidate and flagbearer of the party, we hope that the leadership of the APC would work together as a team and as a family to carry out the campaign in a cohesive and united manner to see the victory of the party in Edo State.”

“Remember the person that won the primaries, Pastor Ize-Iyamu, in his victory remark after thanking our members, in the first statement he made after, appealed to Governor Obaseki to please come back to the APC. I hope he succeeds and I hope his call to the other members of the party like Pious Odogu and Obaze who also ran with him would yield.”

“At the level of the party, they are all members of the party and we all respect them. This feud is an internal matter and as God would have it, anything destined to happen will happen.” he said.


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  1. I did not like the actions of Godwin. There has never been any forum where Adams told Godwin not to re-contest. It appears that he failed to carry APC members in the State along and these were people that helped him win in 2016. He threatened Adams in several ways- permission before entering Edo, Court order to arrest him, booing among others. This is the same Adams that pick Godwin against all odd as his right hand man in 2016. People with conscious, is this what Godwin should have done to Adams?.

  2. God Almighty we continue to protect the party, victory is sure, for APC, for the Governor I didn’t like the way he handled comeeting set up by the party to settle them and he refused, as a member he sopose to respect the leadership of the party and the president of our nation for him to call Baseki for settlement, and he refused, for me its on Faire. God bless you our Nation Nigeria in Jesus Almighty name.

  3. The story told by acting national secretary is sketchy and was economical with truths on the misunderstanding between Former National Chairman of APC Adams and the governor Godwin Obaseki. Obaseki has his faults as well as Adams Oshiomhole. Let us not be too sectional. It is unfortunate Obaseki left our party but leaving is the best option for him considering the treatment melted on him using screening committee. Truth is life.

  4. Keep you analysis because we the Edo’s never elected your party ( APC ) neither did we elected Adams aliyu oshiomole, it was Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki that we elected and our Ancestral land doesn’t belong to your party ( APC ) and will never belong neither ” PDP ” …it belongs to we the Edo’s and we are never to be push around by nobody, oshiomole and Tinubu has dug your party ( APC ) political Graves and we the Edo people have buried it into those Graves politically, so it’s your right to still hope and it’s our right as the Edo people to decide and we have decided that Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki eight years must and shall be completed, it’s non-negotiable!!!

    1. To You APC is not a party but to me and many it is, it accommodate many well known personnel, honest and very well deserved such as PMB. Long live APC

  5. From all the body action you don’t need to be told that Oga governor left APC Long before now, he was only in the party to see if he can set confusion on the party before leaving, the Ward members that suspended the national Chairman are house in government house, eating and lounge in GH., Those against the national Chairman at the headquarters were on a special payroll with our monthly allocation. I commented the President for the action taken to end it all and very soon all the truth will surface for public examination.

  6. The leadership in APC party are not power hungers but future’s visionaries. Don’t you know what is call a mentor? What did he, obaseki gain over defection to the senseless party like Pdp.

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