”APC will soon takeover south-south region” – Akpabio declares

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has reaffirmed the All Progressives Congress (APC) ’s resolute aim to surpass other political parties in the South-South geopolitical zone, setting their sights on victory in the upcoming Edo 2024 elections.

Akpabio, hosting the APC’s National Executives from the South-South region, conveyed confidence in the party’s potential for substantial success, emphasizing the outcomes of past elections and the strides made by the party in the region.

Citing noteworthy achievements, Akpabio commended the APC’s stronghold in Cross Rivers State and its notable presence in legislative bodies such as the Senate and House of Representatives in Akwa Ibom.

Through collaborative efforts, Akpabio also stressed the potential for a fortified APC presence in the South-South region.

His words:

”We are steadily moving on. Cross River State is 100% APC. Here and there some people will emerge either in the Senate or the reps and the House of Assembly but in the governorship and government of the State is totally APC.

“Akwa Ibom has the Senate President, so for you have members of the House of Representatives it shows that things are about to happen.

“For you to have won the presidential election in Rivers State, where the Zonal chairman comes from, means things are beginning to happen, and even winning in 2019 the Bayelsa State, except for technical issues in the court, clearly show that APC has come to stay in the entire South.

“In Edo State, the APC governor took government house into another party, and so the election is coming next year, as well expect the chairman to double his effort with all of us included in the campaign and ensure we get back what belongs to us.

”Your visit is timely, and I believe strongly that working together with you, APC can only be stronger in the South-South Region and win the zone “, he said.

The APC delegation led by Victor Giadom, the National Vice Chairman for the South-South, actively engaged in the discussions, showcasing the party’s commitment to bolstering its influence and expanding its reach within the region.


  1. We are not interested in any party taking over anywhere in this country but good governance we need. Not the type we have witnessed in eight and half years by the same party claiming to be taking over by all means which the end justify it.

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