Armed bandits kidnap travellers on Abuja-Kaduna highway


Armed bandits blocked the Abuja Kaduna Road and kidnapped travellers on Sunday afternoon, according to reports.

One traveller that escaped the abduction told PRNigeria that the armed bandits blocked the road at Katari village at around 2 p.m. and stayed there for more than an hour.

“We had to turn back when we heard the shooting of guns and parked some kilometres away from the scene,” another traveller added. “After two hours when we saw other vehicles coming from the other side, we continued our journey.

“Many travellers must have been kidnapped or escaped into the bush as we saw at least fifteen cars parked and empty when we passed the scene of the attack.”

Katari village is among the many sites of frequent kidnappings by bandits along the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

After the attack and abduction of Emir Hassan Atto of Bungudu on September 14, where a police officer was killed and others sustained injuries, authorities had contained the activities of kidnappers on the highway but failed to eliminate them.

At least one person was reportedly killed by the bandits during this latest attack, and many others were also kidnapped. Those who were fortunate enough managed to escape the abduction, although at the cost of their abandoned vehicles being ransacked.

The police have yet to confirm anything about the incident.

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