Bandits hijack two loaded trucks transporting smuggled goods through Katsina forest

Bandits have reportedly seized control of two fully loaded trucks containing smuggled goods.

The incident took place within a dense forest near the Batsari region in Katsina State, as the smugglers attempted to transport the illicit goods into Nigeria.

The Kaduna Area Commander of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Dalha Wada Chedi, disclosed this information during a press conference held recently.

According to Chedi, the criminals targeted the trucks within the forest, taking advantage of the challenging surveillance conditions along porous borders.

Chedi highlighted the difficulties faced by customs in monitoring these areas, particularly where bandits are known to operate.

He further emphasized that the smugglers opted for perilous pathways through the forest, leading to the unfortunate hijacking by the bandits.

The commander stated that customs would collaborate with other security agencies to address the issue and secure the borders more effectively.

“We just received the news less than 24 hours ago that bandits have seized two trucks loaded with smuggled items inside the forest.

“We also understand that a J5 vehicle was also seized by the bandits around that axis,” he said during the briefing.

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