‘Beware of desperate politicians but pray for Tinubu’ – Wike tells pastors, imams

FCT minister, Nyesom Wike, has urged religious leaders in Nigeria to pray for President Bola Tinubu’s success and shun needless criticisms of his administration.

Wike stated this during a meeting with members of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Committee of FCT Imams Initiative (CFII) on Wednesday.

The executive members of CAN were led by Daniel Okoh, its national president, and those of the CFII were led by Tajudeen Adigun, its chairman.

While advising them to beware of desperate politicians, Wike said Nigerians must unite behind President Bola Tinubu because if the president fails, everyone has failed.

Speaking at separate meetings with the religious groups, Wike also advised them to be wary of ambitious politicians.

He said politicians that are desperate for power could do anything to divide the country for their selfish interests.

Wike noted the need for religious leaders to always ask questions before taking an action and urged the clerics to pray for the leaders of the country.

“Let me advise all of us. You say you are not politicians, but be careful about politicians. Be careful with politicians who are so desperate to get power,” Wike said during his meeting with CAN.

“Be careful with politicians who can do anything just because of power. It is not everything you read in social media that is correct. Ask questions.

“If there is anything you hear that the FCT is trying to do, do not hesitate to ask questions so that we will be able to defend the government and defend ourselves.”

The minister noted that opposition politicians who could not face the victorious ones on the political turf usually ran back to religious leaders with tales about hatred.

He said once a leader wins an election, people should leave their personal view and pray for the leaders to succeed so that the country will succeed.

“God has voted a president for this country; pray for him to succeed. Harsh decisions are being taken to address the wrong way things had been done,” he said.

“This is not the time to criticize, but a time to help Nigeria to grow.”

The minister promised that the FCT administration would continue to support the National Christian Centre and the National Mosque, which he described as “national assets’’.

He also promised to visit the two national monuments to assess the state of rehabilitation so as to determine the nature of assistance that would be needed.

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