“Biafra also includes South-South” – Nnamdi Kanu replies Northern Elders


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has responded to statement by the Northern Elders Forum(NEF) that the Nigerian government should allow the South-east to secede in order to avoid another civil war.

Kanu, in a statement on Tuesday described the statement from the NEF as sensible but added that Biafra also includes the South-South.

“Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has said in other to prevent another civil war, the Southeast should be allowed to secede if the movement is popular among the people in the region”

“Now, that’s very sensible but there’s a correction: #Biafra includes what you call SouthSouth”, he tweeted.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported that the Northern elders forum called on President Muhammadu Buhari to allow the Igbos have their own country adding that it was necessary to avoid another civil war. The group also called on Igbo leaders to avoid a civil war and dialogue with Kanu and other pro-secessionists.

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  1. Kanu is under self illusion. Infact, Kanu & those others who want another country because of the drops of oil in d SS, will die and their children will not see their dead body like Nnamdi Kanu did not see his parent’s dead body.

  2. Kanu hasn’t an iota of knowledge on what is Nigeria of today. The sub-nationalities that form Nigeria can not be compelled to join another for the sake of satisfying the others agenda.
    The unfortunate thing about this secessionist movement is that it’s short circuited because it terms the North as “Fulani” or “Hausa” or “Muslims” and that’s all. Northern Nigeria has been a home for many sub-nationalities who have been living together and have been dissolving into a larger sub-nationality. This is also true of Nigeria as a whole. The many number of sub-nationalities through the years have been dissolving their differences through inter marriages, trade and religious beliefs.
    Unfortunately the parasitic interests of those that are ashamed to be seen as Nigerians and have to get a second national identity hide outside and cause mayhem. It’s further unfortunate that when things get that bad into a civil war they and leadership of the remain unaffected and have nothing to loose.
    I’ve no other country but Nigeria, and has no wish to be another national or enlist my children into another country’s army so that that country uses my children to protect itself. If a sub-nation wants to secede let it, on its own, assess the level of its people’s level of being Nigerians and how much it will cost them to be on their own.
    Kanu be a Biafran before you lead Biafra please.

  3. Is u that will die, let me tell u something biafra must be actualize b/4 2023, that drop of oil feed nigeria since 1914 till 2day and we are going with it. Thank u

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