BIAFRA: What Igbos Must Do For Nigeria – IBB opens up


Former Military Leader, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida popularly known as IBB has sent out a message to Igbo people following a visit by an Igbo group in celebration of his 78th Birthday.

IBB encouraged Igbos to ensure that Nigerians continue to feel their positive Impact. He explained that this was important due to their tenacity in business enterprises which spans the length and breadth of the country and beyond.

The Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA), from the 19 Northern states and Abuja, visited the former leader to celebrate his recent 78th birthday. The delegation was led by the IDA president, Chief Chikezie Okezie and the Eze Igbo of Minna, Eze Pampas Wahiwe.

“You should continue to allow your positive impacts to be felt among host ethnic nationalities in the country, as you explore business opportunities available.

“Nigerians, Igbos inclusive, should ensure they uphold the ideals of Nigeria’s founding fathers.

“An indivisible Nigeria is very necessary and we must do everything possible to remain as one family, though we differ in tribe and tongue,” he said.

“You should use the same spirit of enterprise to promote peaceful co-existence among Nigerians, in all that you are doing.

“You have done well to keep Nigeria together. The Igbos are known to have the potentials of travelling far and wide, exploring new frontiers and business opportunities,” he said.

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  1. Take your advice to your fellow Fulani herdsmen, we don’t need it, you are one of the destroyers of Nigeria, you killed Dele Giwa, you killed people in the Ejigbo plane crash, you killed officers in the Calabar plane crash , you destroyed nigeria in your SAP, you devalued Naira, you divided NIG into 6 geopolitical problem zone that recreated tribalism, you are evil, you stole NIG oil boom money during gulf war, , Nigerians would never forget you in a hurry for the nightmare and the monster you created, you killed your Yoruba Friend Abiola , you killed your Hausa Friend Maman varsa ., You are a wicked man. Do not advice Igbos , we don’t need your advice , those Igbos who went to greet you are doing so for their selfish interest, they don’t know you, you stepped aside thinking that you may come back, but God has shown you that the blood of your victims will incapacitate you on a wheelchair for the rest of your life. . It’s too late.

  2. I expect to hear him talk to them about producing next president come 2023 nothing more nothing less ibos should know that with unity among them selves is their time for having president take note

  3. I ‘ve absolute respect 4 our leaders, bt n everything dere is always an exception, dis God4bidden creature is solely responsible 4 our naira devaluation which has further led 2 hardship and many oder inhuman calamities befallen dis great nation.

    1. You seems not understand the important of unity . I think is when there is unity among us that we can talk of good leadership, and such can come from any part of the long as he will accept each of us as one Nigerian Citizen .Have a good day Sir.

  4. His Excellency Babangida the exLeader has spoken right.He had an Ibo late wife and he should be very concerned about the great Ibo tribes. Obviously, Ibo tribe Is one of the very important tribes in Nigeria. Secession of Ibo tribe will undermine and affect Nigeria adversely. As a Leader,he has to point out all the factors that is causing the reason for secession quests and recommend effective correction.

  5. Igbo’s own Nigeria economy adding political power to it that mean absolute power which will not be good for Nigeria I will support the position of vice president or president of Senate .When I was small the IBO trader in our town told me that the meaning of IBO. Is ( I before others)

  6. Na today, them don dey sacrifice themselves and their family, dey wake from from pilar to post all in the bid of one Nigeria, but my people lef politics one side. How far ???????. To God be the Glory! Which way Nigeria ! At the 6th
    Decades now heading to 7th Decades way no ho . Me atire Yahoo!

  7. Keep on decieving yourself and believing your smart . We’re not one and could never be. We ‘ve tried this unity of a thing for decades, but all in vain. It’s only a lazy man that refuses to try something different.

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