BREAKING: Adeleke freezes Osun State Accounts, reverses appointments [DETAILS]

The new Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke has ordered the immediate freezing of all accounts of the state.

Adeleke who was sworn-into office on Sunday, also reversed all appointments by his Predecessor, Adegboyega Oyetola made from July 7, 2022, till he left office.

He also announced that a committee will be constituted to review all appointments and make recommendations.

It can be recalled that Oyetola caused some controversy after he appointed 30 permanent secretaries hours to the end of his tenure.

The New Governor has also reversed the Osun appellation from “The State of the Virtues” to “The State of the Living Spring”.

Speaking after taking his oath of office at the Osogbo City Stadium, Adeleke said he was aware of the expectations of Osun residents, promising not to disappoint them.

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  1. So quick? Even though appointment of 30 permanent secretary hours to vacate office by his predecessor is not too wise, knowing fully well that Adeleke is not of same party with him. E no go work.

  2. Good luck sir .
    I’m not from osun, but all we want in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is good governance.

    1. No matter the party affiliations those perm secs are still Osun indigines so the in coming governor should trade with care.

      1. Doing the right thing is what is required no matter the circumstances. let learn to do what is right for our family and country to grow

      2. So he should just leave those already filled up Perm sec while his foot soldiers who fought for him are still available to fill those post?
        Even, you won’t do such if given same opportunity as Adeleke.

      3. But from opposition Party. Leaving them will be at his own detriment. No opposition will see you succeed where you succeeded their boss. It is called, PARTY LOYALIST.

  3. Great one sir.
    I believe you can’t lie.
    We need people like you to make good things happen in Nigeria. May you remain a great man


  5. Congratulations Sir. Yes, the Committee should advise you appropriately but be cautious not to create bad blood in the system. You are the governor of Osun state and all the indigenes are your subjects. The Lord will see you through.

    1. Good advice,but why impromptu appointment,when to leave d new appointed is like plain with fire,as a opposition party, they can be the torn in the flesh and making government ungovernable to him, accurate wisdom must be at work now, my suggestion

  6. Congratulation on your victory,the next step to take now is to have trusting capinet that will give you good advice on a way forward

  7. Congratulations,Mr adeleke i wish you all the best in your tenure . Let’s carry all osun indigence equal now you are belong every body. Once again congratulations the incoming and vibrant governor

  8. Congrats sir, God will help you to take control d state bcoz’ he is d only Ominiperfet u will not misbehaving to dose who are loving u (amen)

  9. Why did u start by creating enemity ..sts not democracy’s a clear indication that u are not in peace with the ex cabinet .. trade well

  10. Congratulations sir , God bless you and make your tenure be the best ever in osun state my state , this all I’ve always wanted, The state of the living spring..

  11. Congratulations Govnor sir.
    Kindly hit the ground running,I know you went through a lot to reach this peak,the people of Osun are really traumatized by past Govnors from Aregbesola till Oyetola.Please Accountability,Transperacy,Equity, inclusiveness,the rule of law,Justice should be among your watch words as you lead God’s people.
    Remain blessed.

  12. Am so he happy for you sir [ New Governor ] Mr Adeleke. May Almighty Allah be with you to clean up all dirty things in Osun State sir. Please cancel every unnecessary appointments that may waste all our money in Osun State.

  13. Must the outgoing governor appoint new commissioners at the eleventh hour of his tenure? i think that’s a cogent issue to ponder without sentiments.

  14. Congratulation my dancing senator to Dancing Governor, God will grant you Wisdom to lead Osun to promise land.

  15. I’m not from Osun state I’m from Kogi state but today I’m very happy because you’re now the governor of Osun state, if God say yes who are we to say know I remember in 2018 you won Osun state gubernatorial election but your mandate was stolen thank God, God as restored it for you in this year.

  16. This is a good move. A year or few months to go for governors in Nigeria, they would employ teachers, civil servants and appoint Perm secs just to create problem for the incoming governor. Eg kogi is employing over 500 teachers now. My question is, why didn’t they employ them immediately they assumed office instead of at the point of leaving office? Congratulations! Just do the right thing. Bring back the state to her full agricultural stand. May God see you through sir.

  17. Elder where did you want state government to get money to pay for the appointment? It is share wickedness from that ex-governor to make such appointment in hours before living office, this is part of his bad Belle character that we see before voting him out, why can’t he appoint them in the beginning of his tennor if can he cope with state pocket to pay them, so that your advice void.

  18. I congratulate you.
    I earnestly want you to show to all what good governance is.. Please do not cut short people expectation of you … All eyes on you.

  19. You have started on a good note, how can a governor after spending a lot of money challenging victory of opposition just because he found it difficult to simply accept defeat gi ahead and appoint people into offices days before handing over, was he sleeping before?
    Nigerian leaders be responsible for once, it is no a do or die affair na.

  20. Why must d out going gov. Suddenly appoint those perm sec. few days to his leaving d offc? Has those people not been osun state indingines since his years as gov? He just want people to hate d in coming gov. K
    knowing fully well dat he will reverse d appointment n all d ureasonable things dat he did recently after loosing d election. Like d local govt election that he spent 4years in offc without conducting, d budget he signs into law n d perm sec appointment! What is wrong is wrong!

  21. Adeleke is starting on the wrong footing by sacking 3 Obas and the pem sec .He should apply wisdom wich I think he should have.

  22. I’m quite sure that this decision is for the good of Osun State. Please make a mark of good governance.
    God bless Osun
    God bless Nigeria

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