BREAKING: APC speaks on President Buhari’s ‘Marriage’, Issue Strong Warning


A group known as APC Mandate Defenders has reacted to online reports which claimed that the Hon. Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Hon. Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed will be getting married to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group described the news as fake and fallacious.

In a message sent to newsmen, the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka said there is no any marriage between Mr. President and any of his female ministers let alone the Honourable Minister of Finance who is happily married with responsible children.

The group therefore warned Nigerians to stop scandalising female technorats and politicians occupying public offices in the country as such accusation is not only unwarranted, but also capable of discouraging women from contributing their quotas to national development.

The group also advised Nigerians to use the social media responsibly instead of using it to scandalize Nigerians who have distinguished themselves

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  1. How did we get to this level of GOSSIPING, where many Nigerians are ardently bent on engaging in the pathetic act.
    Even if President Buhari want to marry all the women in Kastina or Adamawa state, how does that benefit ordinary Nigerians who are struggling to survive on daily basis? So let’s stop all these nonsensical acts of gossiping and viciousness.

    We should be forcing this lukewarm Government to address important national issues and treat citizens with respect and civility.
    We should be forcing this Government to profusely recover all looted & stolen public money in the hands of the sadistic few.
    We should be holding this Government and its Officials to account.
    We need to begin to understand that petty gossiping and personal attacks will not get us anywhere. Despite all the financial impropriety; budget padding; humongous salaries & remuneration of the immediate past 8th National Assembly, where are the Senators and Representatives today? They got away enjoying their loots and illicit wealth, and you’re here talking about the President marrying another wife. Do you seriously think these people or politicians care about Nigerians? If you do, then your level of understanding is like the distance from moon to earth.

  2. If mr President marry whosoever,wots bad in it, fellow Nigerians should mind their businees,our President is not too young to marry,hes capable of doing anything he likes,abeg leave d story nd lets face how Naija will b d best n everything n d world.

  3. Baba Buhari ceases to be a private person as long as he remain the President of Nigeria. Nigeria have the right to know somuch about their president. The presidency should rather be pro active to furnish Nigerians good information about the president or always make do with the fire service they are already use to. Give Nigerians good information timely as antidote to fake news & related.

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