BREAKING: Appeal court overturns judgement on Prophet Sotitobire


The Appeal Court, Akure Division, has set aside the judgment of the Ondo state high court that sentenced Prophet Babatunde Alfa, popularly known as Prophet Sotitobire, the founder and director of the Sotitobire Miracle Church Praising Chapel.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that an Ondo State High court had in October 2020 sentenced Sotitobire to life imprisonment over the disappearance of a one- year-old boy, Gold Kolawole in his church in 2019.

The cleric had asked the appeal court to nullify his life sentence conviction by the court.

The court ruled that the circumstantial evidence the high court based its judgement is insufficient to convict him.

He was subsequently discharged and acquitted.

Bisola Alfa, wife of Prophet Sotitobire had defended her husband, saying she was very sure he had no hands in the disappearance of Gold.

On the claim that her husband, on the day the baby disappeared in the church, gave out some prayer instructions that anyone who refused to close their eyes would not see December 2019, Bisola, said, “It is a blunt lie.”

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  1. Even if you kill president so far you get money you will be free there’s no justice in this country and let me tell you the couple will need to run away from Akure and if possible out of this country with leopard moving freely on the street their lives is at stake

  2. Our judicial system or legal system is our problem in Nigeria. The see black and call white because the person saying it’s black is not standing well with them yet agrees it’s white because the person calling it white understands their languages.
    Yet they forget we shall all face the supreme God that takes no bribe or special interest to deliver judgment. God help us in Nigeria. Every evil money you guys make from carried justice will speak against you all. Continue. Every Alpha has an omega.

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