BREAKING: Army rescues Female Soldier captured, stripped naked by ‘Unknown Gunmen’ [PICS]

The Nigerian Army has rescued a female Lieutenant, P. P. Johnson abducted and tortured by unknown gunmen terrorising the South-Eastern part of the country.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported that the gunmen stripped, beat and tortured Johnson for being part of the Nigerian Military. It was gathered that she was abducted in her hometown, Ihube, where She travelled to for the Christmas break.

“She was just conferred with the rank of Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army. She passed out on December 17 after being commissioned from the Direct Short Service Course,” a military source said.

“She was kidnapped at her home in Ibube. She travelled home for the Yuletide celebration.”

In a trending video online, one of the unknown gunmen was heard threatening to kill the officer for being a member of the Nigerian Army.

“This is a wonderful (sic) information for the whole of our people that are still in the military, that’s how all of you will be dying one after the other.

“Here it’s happening life in Enugu, today being 26th of December 2022, it’s happening live and direct, a Lieutenant, two star in military. We will fight against our enemies, for those of you that still remain in service, we will take you one after the other. This is unknown gunmen. What we are after is Biafra, we have nothing to do with IPOB. Say bye-bye to your fellow soldiers, say bye-bye to this life.”

The officer was stripped naked and her hands and legs were tied. She was seated on the ground in a bushy area.

However, a military signal has indicated that the lady has been rescued and the mastermind of the abduction has been captured.

“At about 1420hrs on 29 Dec 22, security forces rescued Lt PP Johnson who was abducted by gunmen and taken to a forest bordering Enugu State and Ihube in Okigwe LGA Imo State on 26 Dec 22,” the signal read.

“The master minder (sic) of the kidnap has also been arrested by security forces while efforts are ongoing to arrest the others. The situation is still being monitored at the moment. Video attached.”

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  1. Those miscreants are cowards they’re not fighting for the betterment of the Igbos. Animals in human skin.

    1. If this news is true, that’s a great news for the entire humanity and i just wish that the security services should use the same method of rescuing the officer degrade these criminals.

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