BREAKING: Buhari reacts to Plateau attack, reveals next line of action


President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to an attack on travellers by gunmen leading to the death of 22 people.

Below is a statement sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, signed by Presidential media aide, Garba Shehu;

“The Presidency condemns the attack earlier Saturday on travellers from a religious event in Bauchi, passing through Jos, the Plateau State Capital and regrets the reported deaths of at least twenty-two persons with several others injured in that ambush on their travelling party.”

“It is widely known that Plateau State has been one of the states affected by herder-farmer clashes, which have, in a significant way, been curtailed following the intense peace-building efforts of the administration of Governor Simon Lalong.”

“However, to be clear, this is not an agriculturalist-on-pastoralist confrontation – but rather a direct, brazen and wickedly motivated attack on members of a community exercising their rights to travel freely and to follow the faith of their choosing.”

“With the evident preparedness of their attackers, it is clear this was a well-conceived and prearranged assault on a known target, location and religious persuasion of the travellers not an opportunist ambush.”

“The Presidency offers condolences to the families of the victims and continues to liaise closely with the local authorities – including security, the police, and governmental agencies. These kinds of attacks on our country’s citizens are unacceptable, heinous, and stand in complete contradiction to the teachings of the great religions of our nation.”

“The Presidency stands steadfast with both Christians and Muslims at this time in condemnation of this latest attack and expects and insists that justice is swiftly – but fairly – delivered to the perpetrators.”

“Make no mistake about it: in line with my commitment to protect all Nigerians, I have ordered our security agencies to fish out the perpetrators of this gruesome massacre of innocent travellers and bring them to justice,” President Buhari said.

“As the facts of the sad incident continue to unfold, the Presidency commends the ongoing efforts by the Governors of Plateau, Bauchi, and Ondo; the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Sa’ad Abubakar III and Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi as well as a number of notable Christian and Muslim leaders as they intensify efforts to calm down the situation.”

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  1. Definitely,if such a thing is happening in State,or even in a Community,there will be no progress in that community.people will not be thinking of way forward,how to promote peace,how to boose the economy of the State,how to create new idea on there,and depends,or stand with there fit,how to give there children sound education,and good morals,people will just be thinking of fighting fighting, killing killing, Government have to stop all this rubbish and take a serious action,by any body being found doing such rubbish.peoples life,have become like animals, killing innocence people,please and please Government should take action,if not people will be pushed to the wall woo.

  2. This news is false and aim towards distroying the image of the good people of Plateau, what happened was Fulani invaded a community in Jos in a broad day light and youth repel the attack, which is ideal in every sense. Please stop the spread of fake news.

  3. What a boobshell…..! I regret the killings of the acclaimed commuters,presently I am in Jos and I can categorically without mincing words; say,that whoever gave this press release is biased and sentimental,yesterday was the mass burial of the farmers massacred by Fulani herdsmen in Irigwe-Miango,and while they were preparing for the burial, 3 buses were discovered with Fulani’s,inside on questioning them it was discovered that their claimed destination and spot of discovery was contradictory,(one story claimed that while the youths became enraged one confessed that they were given 10,000 each to go and kill further at the mass burial)….I am not In support of the extra-judicial killings but the news should be verified to doused the already tensed Country,the story is already taking Ethnic and religious dimension. The presidency never gave press release or statement over the killing of over 70 Miango- Irigwe people,hecters of farmlands destroyed,men,women and children displaced, but here is a press release and curfew and a demand for justice……if it is the president that give this press release God is watching but if it is Garba Shehu then he should know Psychopancy is taking him no where and playing politics with a peoples lives is demonic.

  4. Since the presidency is sure this is a “well planned attack” can Garbage Shehu tell us who planned the attacks in on Irigwe nation which led to the retaliation that caused these Muslims their lives? Who also ordered the military in Rukuba Barracks not to engage while Fulani were killing and burning people’s houses? How can attack be ongoing very close to a military barracks and the military refuse to stop it? The answer is simple, Fulani agenda of this administration is well known and this is another evidence of sectional interest of the worst administration in the history of Nigeria. May God help the government that will come after Buhari.

  5. Enough is enough please baba you should take an recent action about killing innocent northern peoples because we done tired .
    We neen peace
    Stop killing us .

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