BREAKING: Chained Children Found in Fake Islamic Centre in Buhari’s Home Town [PHOTOS]


The Katsina State Police Command has shut down a fake Islamic Centre in Sabon Gari area of Daura, President Muhmmadu Buhari’s Hometown.

The religious centre was shut down after over 300 chained inmates including children were rescued from the facility. Speaking to reporters at the scene on Monday, Sanusi Buba, commissioner of police, revealed that the place had been in existence for over 40 years.

He said some children who fled the centre had raised the alarm, leading to a police raid. He said there were six rooms in the facility and each of the rooms accommodated over 40 inmates who were dehumanised.

’”Our preliminary investigation revealed that Malam Bello, a former qur’anic teacher for close to 40 years, had been collecting children from their parents on a veiled promise of rehabilitating them, unfortunately, he does the opposite as nothing Islamic or moral teachings happens here.”

“Unfortunately, he chained the inmates both adult and children, drawn from across the various states of the country, with most others from Niger republic, Cote de Voir and several other African countries and clearly unbecoming of any rehabilitation centre.”

He informed the police command was alerted when the inmates revolted and resorted to violent protests with about 200 of them fleeing with the assistance of neighbours on the streets.

He announced the closure of the centre and arrest of Mallam Bello and two of his assistants , who operate the facility.

He disclosed that the teachers of the centre and Umar, the dreaded son of Malam Bello, who practices homosexuality with the inmates of the centre, were still large.

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