BREAKING: Chaos erupts as Nigerians Storm Shoprite Lekki, Set to burn it Down [PHOTOS]

A group of Nigerians have stormed Shoprite Mall, Lekki threatening to Burn down the facility in retaliation for Xenophic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa.

Several Nigerians have been killed with their shops and places of Business burnt down by South Africans in Johannesburg in a recent spate of Xenophobic attacks. The violence has generated outrage worldwide with many calling on the South-African Government to be pro-active in quelling the problem.

In retaliation, Some Nigerians, on Tuesday afternoon, stormed Circle Mall to protest with many calling for the mall, which houses Shoprite, a popular South-African retail chain, to be burnt down.

This development comes less than 24 hours after reports of attacks on foreign nationals, including Nigerians, in South Africa, went viral.

Politics Nigeria has footage from the scene;



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  1. please try to invite other country which have stronger weapons to against South Africans because innocent people are dyeing.

  2. Pls my fellow nigerians,don’t leave south africans alone ohh,shut down shoprite,shut down Mtn,shut down south africans for life,this rubbish of killing our brothers over there is so unbearable and we nigerians should stand up for this,fuck buhari if he doesn’t do anything about this,we the nigerians should stand up for injustice,please.

  3. This is absolutely timid. The mind of the masses resides in SA are unrest. It’s a dent on all African face, we claim to be one and now we are killing ourselves on just a mere issue that could be solved within ourselves.
    Buhari should take necessary step on this because the situation is very tense now.

    And With what is happening now , the relationship of SA and Nigeria has collapsed , and the battle line has just been drawn. Only God can intervene.
    Very disheartening#

  4. You are highly correct brother
    Cos are government dont whant us to talk about thier nunsence so cold government ….
    How can they care about are citizine
    When they are busy looting money
    And sponsuring differend kind of attrosities
    And who is surpose to fight curuption is now responsibke for looting the loot thier useless drug generation children can not even finish
    Those people need to be brought to justice
    Before the wost happond
    Those people dont care about us let alot the whance in the diasporere
    Now now meny countries dont even want to have enything with nigerias..

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