BREAKING: Commotion at Arise TV as crowd orders Okowa to step down [WATCH]

There was a commotion on Sunday night at the presidential debate organised by Arise TV over the absence of Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the Spokesperson of the Atiku Campaign Organization, Senator Dino Melaye, who was present at the presidential town-hall series, had said his principal “is too big to come for debate”. The audience got agitated, asking Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta, Atiku’s running mate who was at the event to represent the former Vice-President, to “step down”.

According to them, only presidential candidates are allowed, as they won’t welcome representatives.

Aside from Atiku, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential flag-bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was also absent. His running mate, Kashim Shettima was also not present.

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, was however present. NNPP’s Rabiu Kwankwaso also arrived later.

Watch below;

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  1. The absence of the duo Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Bola Ahmed Tinubu at presidential debate organized by Arise TV today is a sign of their dictatorial tendencies, this is not a surprise to us as we all know they have nothing better to offer when compared with Peter Obi presidential candidate of the Labour party

    1. So sad to see future Presidential Hopeful like Dino fritters away his goodwill and high Rating among Nigerians so cheaply!!!

    2. You are stupid because they are absent doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. What has Obi gat to offer a country that is bigger then him? Stupid fool.

    3. We don’t need to be told that they’re faliure to Nigerians if been elected as our president come 2023. I remain Obidient forever.

    4. They will not response to arise TV because the station has been politically motivated look at there body language against PDP and APC let any station call them for interview they will answer till after election I don’t think Tinubu and Atiku will response to arise TV noted

    5. People should wake up and get ready to vote the one who has something good to offer. Don’t vote for spent leaders.shine your eyes.

    6. Let the organisers of the presidential debate reschedule the debate for another day to give them benefits of doubt.

    7. Okay, just go ahead and swear in the attendees as president of Nigeria if you consider the attendance at the tv programme as the qualification to become president of Nigeria.j

  2. The point is about the man who will make this country progress. I have respect for Peter Obi who has the prowess and capacity to make Nigeria great again. The game is over.

  3. We have not started the race they are treating us like this, they are too big for Nigerians, God have mercy on us

  4. How best can you describe a dictatorial rulership mistaken for leadership than this.
    We must get it right this time around.

  5. Nigerians are FOOLS. These people are aware of our folly. Honestly for these duo to be absen , they already knew we can be taken for gramted. It is pure insanity for us to still be talking about PDP / APC in this equatio .

    No doubt Peter Obi is the best of these, but will Nigerias vote for him bbecause he does not have billions to lavish out like tthere two fat cats.

    1. The two dominant party will only represent their likes while in power,we are talking about one percent super rich Nigerians

    2. Let the organisers of the presidential debate reschedule the debate for another day to give them benefits of doubt.

  6. Watching the video added to my faith in a new Nigeria. I thank those Nigerians who stood against Okowa representing Atiku. For cry out loud, it’s a presidential debate. If Atiku and Tinubu are to big to honour the invitation and speak to the Nigerians whom they expect to hire them, they should forget about it. I stand with you guys, only the presidential candidates.
    There is hope for a new Nigeria.

  7. Wow I love this it’s our country and we must fight for our own if it’s for president candidates why calling VP to represent,I love this keep it up it show we are ready for 2023

  8. Arise TV is for labour party every body knows that with the way the quake journalists Oseni behaved to other aspirant

  9. Atiku all the way. Okowa can represent his principal. The same Buhari didn’t appeared in 2015 and 2019 but represented by VP Osinbajo.

    1. I have said it before, Peter Obi is not just about politics it’s about redemption of our dear mother land, this politicians has become so emboldened is corruption that they don’t care about the common masses, if we miss electing Obi as the president of this country we are doomed as a country, now ask yourself, who are those in PDP and APC, it’s the same old and rotten politicians who sees the politics and leadership of this country as their birth right, even when they lack every qualities of leadership, enough is a enough, it’s not all of us that wants to leave this country, or have enough to run out this country when the condition is unbearable just it is now, please let’s get it right, let’s put aside our tribalism, greed and selfish interest and follow a new path, that will give us a new resort, I have listened to Obi,Atiku,and Tinubu, the only person among them that is saying what is feasible in terms of Economy, security, is Obi, others are still using their old tactics of making empty promises. God bless Nigeria.

    2. Lavish money is what has plunged us into this present ugly condition. We don’t need money to vote nobody. When Obi come on boat as president we will have good money definitely God willing. May God grant us Obi in Jesus’ name, Amen!!

      1. Can a better president come out of Igbo land?!! Can self-centered and selfishness allow them to perform?? Biafra here we come

  10. By saying that “Nigerians are FOOLS” you have just publicly proven that your level of foolishness does not exist even in the ogogoro market. Only foolish persons would make such a general statement referring to Nigerians as fools.

  11. What a disgrace, the people who want to rule us didn’t show up , that means they have nothing to offer. God help my country Nigeria

  12. The only set of Nigerians still considering the two tormentors of Nigeria, APC and PDP are firstly, those Nigerians benefiting either directly or indirectly from the rotten system, Secondly, those Nigerians that have been rendered senseless by the weapon of poverty fashioned against the people by the satanic APC cum PDP political class. Thirdly, the ethnic and tribal bigots fourthly, the mentally challenged and lastly, the scums and dregs of the society.

  13. Ladies and gentleman this is the only time to wise up if you are not wise enough to know how so call APC and PDP want to run this country has Thier family business and choose wisely the better for all of us, vote for competent man comes next presidential election which is peter obi of the labour party, #obidatti the only hope for Nigerians.

    1. Among all the presidential aspirants, no body have the capacity and the technical knowhow to. All of them are full os greedy, Tribal, Religion and regional sentiment. May God help us

  14. We must not forget that if we give these criminals any opportunity ,we we I’ll be selling our future ,that of our children and the ones unborn to suffering and injustice. For the first time in our many years of ignorance, lets vote out these criminals once and for all

  15. How has debate helped Nigerians? Government is not run by individuals a party has manifesto which can be sold by anybody in a party, so disallowing a representative of a party to sell their program is a denial and should be condemn totally.

    1. This is presidential debate and not VP debate so what are you talking about? If the duo are too big to talk to Nigerians why are they running for president.

    2. So how does party maniseto written by some intellectuals help us to run Nigeria if d person who is to implement it doesn’t know the content of it not the things needed to make it work? APC before 2015 elections presented a wonderful manifesto but today have they done a single thing in d manifesto? Let the candidates who are to lead us come and tell us how they will use their manifesto to move us out of the mess we are in already. We cannot afford to get it wrong again

    3. It is an insult on presidential candidates to debate with a vice presidential candidates. Who is a VP? What is the role of Osibanjo today? Buhari is away now yet he can’t act..Selling of Manifesto can be done by any member of the party in any gathering by any member of the party but not in a presidential debate. VP candidate should wait for a VP candidates debate.

    4. You are not with your mind, do you have party manifesto in nigeria politics, what you have is individual agenda, so don’t deceive us,

    5. I don’t know why people are senseless. Did they call it Vice Presidential debate or Presidential debate?

    6. It was a presidential debate outing guy, and not Political parties Manifestos presentation.. The organizers wanted the Candidates to come and tell Nigerians their visions. You saying how debates has helped the country? There has never been a proper debate in this country between leading Presidential candidates, and Nigerians wants it corrected Oga

    7. Debates are very important to size up the candidate IQ, also for us to know if the manifesto was contracted to contractors to write. Remember Buhari denied his manifesto after getting into power

    8. I do agree with you. The presidential debate is the height of any campaign anywhere. The presidential debate could make or mar a candidate. The people want to hear directly from the candidates and hold them responsible if he or she fails to address those promises.

    9. We can only know their true worth when they speak by answering questions, all these years we have seen manifestos and where it had landed us. APC refused to debate last time see where it has landed us, yet u want newspaper brandished person to serve us again?

    10. That’s why this nation may never move forward in the likes of this remark – why would a right thinking fellow expect a angry electorate to allow a sub to stand in for the principal…you will always get a Judah and your remark points you out.

    11. Have you see this anomaly happened anywhere in this world where an aspiring presidential candidates will not be present to connect with the people through his vision and pointing to a piece of documents as manifestos? Na so we made excuses for Buhari las las the man no get anything for head but you know Tinunbu will fail if he comes for the debate, you already know that right?

  16. It is an insult on presidential candidates to debate with a vice presidential candidates. Who is a VP? What is the role of Osibanjo today? Buhari is away now yet he can’t act..Selling of Manifesto can be done by any member of the party in any gathering by any member of the party but not in a presidential debate. VP candidate should wait for a VP candidates debate.

  17. But obi is a PDP x and apga x, so how sure his going to deliver this country? because I can’t see Nigeria are going to make the same mistake the made by voting buhari in to pawer, with the believe he will change Nigeria, for me PDP candidate is in better shape than any candidate come 2023. So Nigeria obi can not even win 7 state so to waist the vote please Nigeria vote for PDP than, APC to take this pawer again,I can see atiku okowa wining all the northern state and some states in south south.

  18. Shut up. Why talk with your anus? The seat of the presidency is not one to be given to a fool. We have done that before and the nation is on the brink of collapse. Let us know what they have to offer, the position can not be run in proxy. A leader is too big to talk to his followers? How then can we tell them to be accountable?
    Please en, just seal your dirty mouth.

  19. How can candidate who is always talking about competence, credibility, eligibility, reliability accountability, transparency and all that shy away from peace accord and presidential town hall meeting?
    Why hiding from the people you was to rule?
    At this stage, candidates have started giving us excuses, what will happen when they are finally elected?

  20. If it was true Dino said his principal was too big to attend such debate that truly means Nigeria as a country is too big for his principal to rule and Nigerians are too many and sensible to rule.
    For such a statement, Dino is rude. Such set of people can not uplift the country/economy for they don’t have any better to offer.
    As they were absent at the debate, it is a good sign and warning to Nigeria and Nigerians that they won’t be available for us in times of needs.

  21. He can say what ever he like’s. We must prove than wrong come 2023 at polling units. Peter OBI all the way…

  22. See,you people are looking for immediate benefits,but at the long run,it will fail you.I will not casting my vote to my brother that will Pocket the future my generation and that of my children but I will cast my vote to that outsider that have human heart,and conscience.

  23. Anyone who will support and vote Atiku Abubakar or Bola Tinubu for their selfish interests or tribal sentiments will NEVER live to witness the general elections. Any enemy of Nigerians will NEVER know peace in Jesus name.

  24. In a nutshell, Dino is like a lawyer who advocates for both a good man and a criminal, either way he gets paid. Lol

  25. Dino has no name to protect. Think back when he was a serving senator, he fought in the red chamber house, when he was arrested, he jumped off the van, when he was taken to court, he fainted. He was accused if sponsoring thugs.
    So he has nothing to loose. His political career is ended. Because PDP believe he talks alot but forgetting that he talks out of proportion.
    Didn’t you see the polite insult Sowore gave him? Pls let’s disregard him.

  26. Dino I taught you spoke in tongues during the menace of cvid-19 or you pretend because you are afraid u ll die like other greedy politicians if I were you I Would have learn from my mistake hating Obi will expose your nakedness


  28. Highly disappointed for a character and personality in a person of Dino to be nonsensical and unreasonable for selfish gains. How on earth is Atiku too big to come for a harmless and peaceful debate if really he has something to offer Nigerians?. As for Mr BAT, (agbado, iwa, cassava). Its time to rescue Nigeria.

  29. Dino has not evolved beyond the stage of Australlopitecus. It’s only unfortunate that he is an epicurean with his appetite as his highest good; with a deflated basic classical Education.
    Atiku is an intelligent man, I wonder how he fail victim of this Byzantine epicurean.

  30. God has heard the cry of the oppressed in Nigeria. No man can stop the wonderful move of God for a new Nigeria, although those who benefit from the present oppression are doing everything to stop it. If death could not stop Christ from ressurection, so also will no body stop the new Nigeria in the offing.

  31. Dis Dino sef, wetin be ur own? We know that it’s what ur paymasters want to achieve they are using you to achieve but why don’t you apply some maturity & wisdom (you don’t have to interject, accuse or blame ‘blindly’ for the fun—be Mr capable) in what you do for a living! Having the guts to join the presidential race to me, is something by virtue of ur vast experiences in the Senate & the “Not Too Young To Rule” law would have gingered & redirected ur decision (full chest) to be part of instead of being enrolled in an “association of boot lickers” or member of “crumbs choice group”.

  32. God allows Dino Melaye to be the spokesman of PDP in order to destroy that evil gathering of the enemies of Nigeria, Dino who can not win election in his home state of Kogi is made a spoke person for PDP, including a serial betrayal Okowa who betrayed the whole southern Nigeria for his selfish interest and Atiku is not staying in Nigeria to become the president of Nigeria, God will not allow their evil agenda to materialize.

  33. Peter Obi cautioned Dino and he kept quiet and frightened like a dog with its tail between his legs….What Obi did,is a quality of a leader.P O all the way

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