BREAKING: Confusion as President Buhari’s Supporters Campaign for 3rd Term [PHOTOS]

Some Supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari have started campaigning for a ‘3rd Term’ in Office.

According to a post on a Facebook Page called ‘The Buharist Reporters’, Some Supporters of the President are Photographed with a caption “Movement for the Approval of Buhari Third Term. We demand Constitutional Amendment to enable Baba continue beyond 2023…”

The Development has elicited several reactions from Nigerians with many calling it “An impossibility”. See photos below;

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  1. This should not come to Nigerians as a surprise. After all, he is not the first person who tried, Sani Abacha wanted life presidency, Obasanjo wanted 3rd term. if Buhari succeeds, he will extend it to 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th to infinity’.

  2. The real Buharists cannot be deceived. What you reported here is the handiwork of detractors. It is another Dubai strategy that is dead on arrival. Buhari is a constitutional man and he knows his constitutional limits. Nigerians won’t fall for this. Buhari is not a do or die man. So keep your propaganda to yourself.

  3. if it the will of God let him continue but if it is not the will of God let God react for our suffering since he takeover theleadership of nation ( Nigeria)

  4. Buhari is a law abiding citizen of Nigeria, stop fooling your selves. Political hungry people looking for cheep money

  5. Its certainly possible when a people know they are nothing without power.Without it,they feel incompetent and dead!That is the only way to “chop”.
    They’ll go to any length to propagate it.Ultimately,the same power will breed nothing but endemic laziness!

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